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Kung Fu Animals is a cartoon about a group of four ninja animals. They must save the world from the evil dinosaur, Lord Rex.


Seith, a shark who is the fearless leader of the Kung Fu Animals. He likes to kick bad guy butt. His weapons are katanas.

Chuck, a cheetah who is quite egotistical. His weapons are shurikens.

Bunker, a buffalo. He is the oldest member of the Kung Fu Animals and is quite grumpy. He only uses his fists.

Lily, a lioness who is the only female member of the Kung Fu Animals. She is fierce , tomboyish, and hotheaded. Her weapons are a pair of small swords.

Q.Donzo, a unknown species of animal who is quite intelligent. He helps the Kung Fu Animals with his inventions. He has yellow fur and his right eye is green.


Lord Rex, the main villain of the show. He is a heartless warlord who will stop at nothing to rule the world. Luckily, the Kung Fu Animals will always be there to stop him.

Perry Dactyl, Lord Rex's hapless henchman. He tends to be gloomy and depressed.

Trike, another one of Lord Rex's henchmen. He is a triceratops who is not very bright.

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