Krazy Stunent
Personal Information
Species Suklon

Shadow Spirit (Krazy vs. Life season 4 only and also before fanon history)

Race White

Green (as Static)

Nationality Suklonian
Birth Date Before time
Birth Place Suklonia (Krazy's birth)

Unknown (Static's birth)

Date of Death To be revealed.
Death Place To be revealed.
Age 28 (human years)

3456 (Suklon years) Unknown, born before time (as Static)

Gender Male
Height No exact height yet

Moderately tall (as Krazy) Taller but not huge (as Static) Massive (Static combined with Dani)

Weight No exact weight yet

Very thin (as Krazy) No weight (as Static)

Relatives Krop Stunent ("sister", deceased)

Krap Stunent (biological father as Krazy, deceased)

Dani Stunent-Glammi (wife)

Krap Razzor-Stunent, Jr. (nephew, deceased)

Luna (mother)

Unknown Suklonian (biological father as Static)

Other Information
Occupation Freelance writer

Space deity overlord (as Static)

Education None
Alias(es) Static

Combination X (when Static combines with a human)

Love Interest(s) Dani (wife)

Drillhead's grandmother (ex-girlfriend)

Friends Drillhead

Rebel McCrookson TBA

Enemies Life (as Static)
Archenemy Life (as Static)
Residence Driynliffen Town
Weapons Crystal gun (given to by Drillhead as a temporary weapon in Krazy vs. Life's second season)

Gumball dagger (created, later combined with Krazy in season four)

Abilities Tentacle extension
Enhanced musical intelligence (formerly enhanced linguistic intelligence)
Alignment Neutral

Evil (as Static)

Marital Status Taken (by Dani)
Debut Krazy vs. Life
Created By Bong
Signature Appearance Krazy vs. Life
Latest Appearance The Multiverse
English Seth Green (2001-2016)
Greg Cipes (2016-2019)
Ron Pearlman (as Static, 2019)

Krazy Stunent is a Nick Fanon anti-hero. The character is a male Suklon. It is revealed in Krazy vs. Life's fourth season that he actually has a monstrous past as an evil space deity called Static who wishes for the extinction of all life.


Despite being a hero, he comes from an evil race and thus, has evil undertones. He is usually quite good-hearted, but everybody knows not to tick him off. He is sometimes a coward, using guns and lasers to fight. Unlike many other creatures who fought during the Gas War, Krazy never did. This also proves that he still has some evil in him.



Krazy is a Suklon, a squid-like creature, and has growing tentacle legs that can make him fly, though he hardly never uses them. He is mostly human, but again comes from a Suklon race.


Powers and abilities

Krazy has hardly any powers while in his human form except kicking and punching. This is why in Fanon Scuffle 3, Krazy uses his tentacles a lot, as well with projectile weapons. Krazy has twenty-five guns in his range, but hardly uses them and prefers his knives, which are made out of gumballs, with sharp spikes at the end. When someone misses the attack, Krazy usually spurts out that "the balls are inert," which is a reference to Dragon Ball Z


Fighting Ability
Energy Projection
Threat Level


Events of The Bagel Show and early life

Suklons, living since 76 A.D, have never had a female, so babies were born from a ball in the sky, but that all changed when Krazy's dad found the only woman of the Suklon race. Then Krazy was born. Everyone in Suklonia was evil, but Krazy did not want evil, he wanted good. So he ran away from home, to never come back to Suklonia. Krazy then adventured to space. The events of Drunk Driving in Space would take place there, if it wasn't all just a dream. 

In The Bagel Show, he went to Earth and met the main characters of The Bagel Show. He then joined the gang in several adventures from seasons six to eight. He then never appeared again.


Events of Chat Court and minor appearances

Krazy acts as the janitor of Chat Court and always gets treated badly. He occasionally gets episodes revolved around him... TBA

List of appearances

  • Krazy vs. Life: All episodes (2015-2018)
  • The Bagel Show: Some episodes (2016-2019)
  • Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing: (Krazy the Kraziest, Award Ceremony, Green Map, Pizza Night, When Planets Collide) (2001-2003)