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Kitchen: Real & Raunchy
Directed By Ralf Hat
Written By Ralf Hat
Music By Ralf Hat
Greg Edmonson
Production Company Deadpan Productions
Distributed By Warner Bros.
Release Dates September 14, 2003
Running Time 102 minutes
Budget $20 million
Box Office $98 million
Country United States
Language English
Kitchen: Real & Raunchy (sometimes commercialized as Kitchen Movie or simply Kitchen) is a 2003 American adult-animated action-comedy war film, directed and written by Ralf Hat. The film is based off of the American series, Kitchenwhich aired on Tetragon since 1999. The scenario follows Bucket Head, Victor, and Chuck on a mission to save their town and the entire United States from being taken over by a totalitarian political correct government from California. The film features an appraisal about far-left and far-right politics, and mocks use of themes such as communism and fascism, oppression, war, propaganda, and free speech. The film received positive to mixed reviews from critics, praising the character development between the main trio while staying unclear about the morals behind the story. It was released on September 14, 2003 in the US on a budget of $20 million, receiving a grossing of $90 million worldwide.


The controversial city of Mountain Creek, Washington is abruptly framed for being way too oppressive, intolerant, and culturally insensitive, after one of Pants’ offensive joke accidentally stirs violence across the community. With much aggression on the town by a far-left media, hippies, and various protesters, the United States government passes a new law which insists that the citizens of mountain Creek must be educated on various politically correct topics including tolerance and multiculturalism. This gives a communist ruled California the chance to invade the Pacific Northwest, to claim it as their territory, eventually beginning a war. Bucket Head, Chuck, and Pants, who are now outcasts in their newly changed town, end up on a mission to defend the Pacific Northwest from invading forces. However, they soon find themselves also seeking to prevent the mayor from using the war as an excuse to promote his own fascist government.

The film (like the series) openly takes place in an alternate timeline in which California has seceded from the United States.





The film is based on the animated series Kitchen, produced by Deadpan Productions. The three main characters include Victor "Bucket Head"McCoy, Ezekiel "Pants" Feldstein, and Chuck, a trio of middle schoolers who strive throughout their chaotic and inhuman town. After the series was suddenly cancelled on the FOX Broadcasting Network, it was later revived on Tetragon on April 27, 2001.


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Critical reception

Controversy and themes
Main article: List of Kitchen controversies

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Television premiere


An album consisting of the film's music and score was released a day before the film premiered in US theaters, on September 13, 2003. While Ralf Hat composed the soundtrack, Greg Edmonson was asked to compose the film's original score.

Real & Raunchy: Kitchen's Official Soundtrack Album
Soundtrack album by various artists
Released September 13, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Film soundtrack, film score
Label New Line Records
Producer Ralf Hat
Greg Edmonson


No. Title Performer(s) Length
1. No Children The Mountain Goats 2:46
2. Where Is My Mind? Pixies  3:53
3. Heart of Gold Neil Young 3:07
4. Whiskey in the Morning Buckcherry 2:29
5. A.M 180 Grandaddy 3:20
6. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Down By Law 316
7. Bucket Head Attempts to Sing "Just A Friend" Ralf Hat 2:13
8. Cryin' Out Loud Astronaut 3:09
9. Low, Down, & Dirty Eminem 4:44


Potential sequel



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