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Rated TV-14 - Contains material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age

This show, Kitchen, is rated TV-14, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers under 14 years of age.
Sub-ratings include: Dialogue, Language, Sexuality, Violence

Rated TV-MA - Contains material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 17 years of age

This show, Kitchen, is rated TV-MA, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers under 17 years of age.
Sub-ratings include: Language, Sexuality, Violence

Genre Adult animation
Animated sitcom
Black comedy
Surreal humor
Created By Ralf Hat
Written By Ralf Hat
Directed By Ralf Hat
Opening Theme Kitchen theme
Ending Theme Kitchen theme
Country Of Origin United States
Original Language(s) English
№ Of Seasons 14
№ Of Episodes 221
Running Time 20 minutes
Network MTV2
Kitchen is an American animated sitcom developed by Ralf Hat which first broadcasted on MTV2 in 1999. The series follows the life and the quite surreal experiences of three best friends - Victor, Pants, and Chuck, who live within the fictional city of Mountain Creek, Washington. While it is not as popularized like other animated sitcoms (South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc), Kitchen still maintains a fellow viewership and currently consists of 221 episodes within fourteen seasons. Viacom Media Networks (who owns MTV2) switched Kitchen's original broadcasting to Tetragon soon after its second season.


Mountain Creek, Washington is a fictional metropolitan, proclaimed by many to be the "New City of Sodom" based on the eternal dilemmas and chaos which erupt within the city's community and geography. The series follows the lives within the city, most presumably three middle school friends - Victor, Pants, and Chuck. As the primary character of the series, Victor is overrun with paranoia and a sex addiction. Religiously motivated and quite naive, he mainly struggles a lot in life, despite being from an average middle-class white family. Alongside is Pants and Chuck, two orphaned roommates who often share opposing opinions against each other. While Pants is a ludicrous and disgusting troublemaker, Chuck seems to be a gifted genius who shows off a sarcastic though respectful attitude. The three rely on each other to continue to thrive amongst the many dilemmas in which the city has to offer, while also having to be involved in typical middle school drama and experiences.

A majority of episodes in the series crudely depict taboo topics including: Murder, violence, humiliation of the misfortune, rape, war, racism, nazism, and plenty more controversial subjects.


Main characters

  • Victor: The main protagonist of the series who comes from an average middle american white protestant family. Being naive and vulnerable, Victor is looked upon as completely awkward both socially and emotionally, and is usually is seen as a center of blame pointed out by others. He is a lost cause and is often mocked and mistreated by countless others, including his own friends and family at times. Victor has a perverted mindset as concluded in various episodes, ironically being deeply religious at the same moment. In nearly all episodes, Victor is portrayed as the typical everyman of the show.
  • Pants: Pants is the deuteragonist of the series. A poor Jewish orphan, living with his two roommates - Chuck and Tim. Pants enjoys pushing his proclaimed "power" by mocking, bullying, or fighting others. He is placed as an annoyance to various people, and sometimes to his own friends. Pants is also prone to be an attention seeker who is exclusively sensitive on negative criticism which reaches onto him. However, his only motive to make fun of others is to make himself seem quite important, attempting to back away from his unfortunate lifestyles.
  • Chuck:
  • Rachel:

Secondary characters

  • Tim:
  • James Norton:
  • Nora:
  • Diane:
  • John:
  • Mr. Henry:
  • Principal Dick Likar:


  • Eric:
  • Mayor Notamayor:
  • Betty:
  • Melvin:
  • Stevey:
  • Blake:
  • Señora Puta:
  • Betty
  • Mr. Un
  • Jerry
  • Lemon Jesus:
  • Satan:
  • Kora:
  • Coach Jim:
  • Super Sam:
  • Aden & Alex:


  • Gay Greg
  • Robert, Robbie, & Robin:
  • Donnie:
  • Benefits Scrounger and Lolilad:
  • Terry The Tree:
  • Dick, The Cocky Penis:
  • Christine
  • Ruby
  • Happy Hal
  • Boss Baldwin
  • Morkel Jonny
  • Juan Carlos
  • Gangsta Bluz-Cluz:
  • Sarah:
  • Fat Jack:
  • Frostbite:

Deceased characters

  • Sheriff Markson:
  • Bricks:
  • Eugene
  • Mrs. Wider:
  • Big Brony Bob:
  • Mayor Gabe and Abe:



Video games

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