Kingson Films is an American animation motion picture production company based from the Kingson network, owned by Viacom and Deadpan Productions. The media produced by this studio ranges from both adaptations of Kingson series as well as and original projects. Most of productions are co-produced by Paramount Pictures.



Film title Director(s) Release date Gross Budget RT score MPAA rating Notes
Gecko's Million Dollar Movie Ralf Hat April 14, 1998 $140 million $50 million 55% PG Co-produced by Deadpan Productions
Shapes: Race Against Time Ralf Hat June 14, 2004 $164 million 70% PG-13 Co-produced by Deadpan Productions 
Risky Frizz: The Movie Ralf Hat April 6, 2005 $170 million $20 million 66% PG Co-produced by Deadpan Productions 
Fish: The Movie Thatstuff November 23, 2006 $145 million $30 million PG
Sailing Skies Ralf Hat December 5, 2006 92% PG-13
Cyptids Ralf Hat October 20, 2009 $80 million $20 million 39% PG
Take it Down a Notch Ralf Hat January 25, 2011 $213.6 million 80% PG
We Made A Movie! Ralf Hat June 1, 2012 PG
The Sherry Movie Ralf Hat September 9, 2014 $570 million $70 million 86% PG Co-produced by Deadpan Productions 
Risky Frizz: Space Ninja Fire Squad: Ultra Movie Sequel 2 Ralf Hat July 30, 2017 $230 million $85 million 79% PG Co-produced by Deadpan Productions 
Unseen Ralf Hat 2019 N/A
Marlton Movie Ralf Hat 20XX Co-produced by Deadpan Productions 

Television films

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Film title Director(s) Release date Content rating Length Notes
TV-Y7 Based on The Misadventures of Gecko
TV-G Based on The Misadventures of Gecko
Instruments & Instruments: Grade A! Ralf Hat September 6, 2000 TV-G 44 minutes Based on Instruments & Instruments
Based on Shapes
Sharkbowl? Where Are You? Ralf Hat February 12, 2003 TV-Y7-FV 44 minutes Based on Risky Frizz
Attack of The Molemen Ralf Hat June 8, 2006 TV-Y7-FV 48 minutes Based on Instruments & Instruments
Paradise Mall: The Movie Ralf Hat August 15, 2010 TV-PG 66 minutes Based on Paradise Mall
Run Ralf Hat November 23, 2012 TV-PG 84 minutes
The Last Christmas Ralf Hat December 20, 2012 TV-PG 44 minutes Based on Paradise Mall
The Dingo Knight Rises Ralf Hat June 28, 2013 TV-Y7-FV 44 minutes Based on Risky Frizz
Welcome to The Vetus Terrae Ralf Hat December 15, 2015 TV-Y7-FV 44 minutes Based on Sticks Vs. Spiders
The Victorious Elite Ralf Hat N/A TV-PG-V 66 minutes Based on SpaceWar 101
Finale Ralf Hat April 6, 2019 TV-Y7-FV 74 minutes Based on Risky Frizz