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Kingson Films
Type Production arm of Kingson
founded 1997
Founder(s) Ralf Hat
Headquarters New York City, New York
Parent Kingson
Employees 100+ (as of 2016)
Kingson Films is an American motion picture production arm of the cable channel. It has produced features and films based on Kingson programs, as well as other adaptations and original projects. 


The company first came to be known a couple months after a contract with Paramount Pictures (which deals with distribution of all Kingson media). Its first film to be release was Gecko's Million Dollar Movie (1998), based on The Misadventures of Gecko series, and grossing $140 million. The company gained popularity after couple more films, and was a huge success for both Kingson and Viacom. In 2002, SPEED movies, a secondary name was opened and its first film was Kitchen: Real & Raunchy (2003), based on Kitchen and grossing $90.6 million.


Kingson Films


Film Release date Gross RT score
Gecko's Million Dollar Movie April 14, 1998 $140 million
The Epic Animals Epic Movie July 3, 2002 $180 million 81%
Shapes: Race Against Time June 14, 2004 $302 million
Risky Frizz: The Movie April 6, 2005 $170 million 66%
Fish: The Movie November 23, 2005 $90 million
Cyptids October 20, 2009 $80 million
Gecko December 24, 2010 $270 million
Robotic Renegades June 10, 2011 $350 million 87%
Robotic Renegades 2 May 23, 2014 $670 million 77%
The Sherry Movie September 9, 2014 $418 million
Risky Frizz: Space Ninja Fire Squad: Ultra Movie Sequel 2 July 30, 2017 N/A

Direct-to-video/Television made


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