King Kingman
Personal Information
Nationality Americanflag American
Birth Date January 29, 1956
Date of Death May 3, 2014
Death Place New City
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'20
Weight 199 lb.
Relatives Unknown
Other Information
Occupation Ruling over New City
Friends LT Fan
Enemies Bagel
Invader Rob
Archenemy Bagel
Residence New City, Oregon
Debut The Bagel Show
Created By IAmBagel
Signature Appearance The Bagel Show
English Lex Lang

King Kingman is the main antagonist of The Bagel Show. King Kingman is a sadistic power-hungry king who rules over New City, Oregon. He often sets out to harm people who "mess up his town", with one of those people being Bagel, his arch-nemesis. King Kingman was previously a respected and beloved king, treating his citizens with respect and generally being a good ruler. However, for unknown reasons, his personality was drastically altered into a sadistic egomaniac who disrespects pretty much everyone. During this change in personality, he built a large barrier over New City, from which nobody can escape from. He claims that nobody can leave the city until he finds "the thing", an object that remained mostly unknown until the final season of the show.




Pre-Bagel Show


During The Bagel Show



  • As revealed in Out in The Rain, King Kingman's crown is surgically attached to his head.
  • King Kingman speaks in a Southern-like accent
  • King Kingman's behavior and mannerisms were inspired by the video game character King Dedede

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