Kewl TV is an EliShows original animated sketch comedy created by EliNinja. The series ran from July 3rd, 2014 - September 24th, 2015 for 2 seasons and 26 episodes and was rated TV-PG in the United States. The series contains animated sketches made in different animation styles, including three recurring sketches, "Ghostina", "Household Horror", and "Sara and BigFoot". The series is also similar to EliNinja's previous sketch comedy, Nickelodeon Plex.

A half-hour spin-off of the show based on the Household Horror segments premiered on September 1st, 2015 on EliShows.

Recurring Sketches

  • Household Horror - Household Horror is a horror/fantasy sketch seen on Kewl TV on occasion. The story follows Hat-Guy (a 19 year old guy with a hat), his little sister, Janet (an 11 year old pacifist), and his other companion, Sprite (a digital electric being). The three usually encounter a series of not-so-average events such as being invaded by aliens, getting possessed by demons, and meeting "mirror monsters". Although eventful things can happen out of nowhere, the three usually aren't very scared of how haunted their residence is. Household Horror stars EliNinja as the voice of Hat-Guy, Zophi as the voice of Janet, and Speakonia as the voice of Sprite. A half-hour TV series based on the sketch premiered in the fall of 2015.
  • Ghostina - Ghostina is an adolescent female ghost who always has the need for adventure. She usuallty goes on adventures with her best friend, Jimmy Smith. Though she is a happy and enthusiastic ghost, she is always hounded by Carol Stanford, who seems to dislike the female ghost. Despite this, Ghostina is always seen as the happy and joyful ghost she is. Ghostina stars Omgitskittykatty as the voice of Ghostina, and IAmBagel as the voice of Jimmy.
  • Sara and BigFoot - Sara and BigFoot are two friends who always get into situations with eachother. They slightly have the same type of hobbies such as reading comic books, going for walks outside, and of course, going on quests and adventures. Although the two are the best of friends, Sara and BigFoot sometimes get into fights with eachother on occasion. Depsite this, the two still care for eachother most of the time. Sara and BigFoot stars NyanGirToastNinjaShadow as the voice of Sara and Morgan Freeman as the voice of BigFoot.


NOTE: Each cartoon in an average Kewl TV episode would last about 7 minutes, making each complete episode approximately 21 minutes (without commercials).

Season One (2014)

Episode Number (series) Episode Number (season) Title Shorts

Original Airdate

1 1 Ghostina

"Frog Boy" - A boy is magically turned into a frog by an evil witch.

"Ghostina" - A young boy meets a kind ghost named Ghostina.

"Harry the Cat" - a cat named Harry tries to save the world from flying butts.

July 3rd, 2014
2 2 Household Horror

"Household Horror" - 3 people investigate the horrors of the house they live in.

"Fishing Friend" - a woman meets a young boy who casually fishes by the dock.

"Goat" - a farmer's goat goes on a weird adventure.

July 10th, 2014
3 3 Snow Problemo

"Bears" - a bear tries to hug his friend (another bear) constantly, but his friend does not like being touched.

"Snow Problemo" - 2 kids are trapped inside the stomach of a living snow person.

"Battle Axe" - a young boy fights a couple of demons with an axe to avenge his mother.

July 17th, 2014
4 4 Time Speed

"Time Speed" - a kid in a fictional Time Square-esque city feels that his life is going too fast.

"Ghostina in 'The Vaccumeer'" - Jimmy's sister Teri tries to catch Ghostina with a vaccum cleaner, and it's up to Jimmy to save Ghostina.

"Goth" - a goth girl constanly tries to stab herself in the arm, but her boyfriend always stops her from doing so.

July 24th, 2014

5 5 Milk Woman

"Space Race 5000" - 4 drivers in the year 5000 have a race in space.

"Milk Woman" - a woman gets a job has a "milk woman", but things don't go as easy as she tought.

"Life Matters" - a young boy tries to figure out the meaning of life for a social studies project.

July 31st, 2014
6 6 Coaster Guys

"Coaster Guys" - 3 guys living on a rollercoaster talk about cats.

"Ghostina in 'Souls'" - Ghostina and Jimmy meet some souls at a local convention for movies.

"Run" - a girl tries to run away from her axe-crazy boyfriend, who is out to kill her.

August 7th, 2014
7 7 Dinner

"Household Horror II" - Janet gets possessed by an evil spirit, and it's up to Hat Guy and Sprite to get the evil spirit out of Janet.

"Dinner" - a suburban family has a rather crazy dinner when they are visited by a couple of brown tree snakes who want to eat their guts out.

"Sara and BigFoot" - a 5th grader named Sara meets a wise sasquatch.

August 14th, 2014
8 8 Drummer Girl

"Ghostina in 'Tied'" - Ghostina tries to save Jimmy from a vegan activist to ties him up wants to kill him for eating fried chicken.

"Fly" - a penguin tries his best to fly in the sky, despite the fact that penguins are flightless birds.

"Drummer Girl" - a high school girl finds an interest in playing the drums.

August 21st, 2014
9 9 Sky Adventurer

"Game Addiction" - a dog becomes addicted to playing video games.

"Sky Adventurer" - a cloud person goes on an amazing sky adventure.

"Sara and BigFoot in 'Trapped'" - Sara and Bigfoot are trapped inside a cabin, with no doors or windows.

August 28th, 2014
10 10 Energy

"Ghostina in 'Energy'" - Ghostina and Jimmy search for the missing Energy Spheres in order to save a friend's life from death by laziness.

"Attack of the 3-Feet Pizza" - A walking and talking slice of pizza is discovered by a curious journalist and learns the ups and downs of life with people.

"Squigglevision" - a collection of squiggle shorts, made in squigglevision.

September 4th, 2014
11 11 Adulthood

"Adulthood" - a male college graduate experiences the benefits and downsides of officially becoming a free adult.

"Household Horror III" - Hat Guy, Janet and Sprite fight off some demonic house zombies.

"Sandwich" - a baby pig meets a living sandwich.

September 18th, 2014
12 12 I Hate My Friends

"Football School" - a young boy attends a school dedicated to learning about football.

"I Hate My Friends" - a teenage girl hangs out with her rather annoying friends.

"TV Junkies" - two guys sit on a couch and watch TV, only for very unusual things to happen on TV.

September 25th, 2014
13 13


"Cheeseland" - two cheese strings fall in love.

"Shopping Spree" - a teenage girl goes on an insane shopping spree

"Ghostina in "'Evermore"' - Ghostina and Jimmy try to break out of a digital box that will kill them if they touch it.

October 2nd, 2014

Season Two (2015)

Episode Number (series) Episode Number (season) Title Shorts

Original Airdate

14 1 Farming

"Sara and BigFoot in 'Farming'" - BigFoot teaches Sara how to take care of a farm.

"Household Horror IV" - Janet meets a long-lost friend who was born in an abandoned city in the state of Maine.

"Demandful" - a young boy is very impaitient with the long delivery of a pizza he ordered.

July 2nd, 2015
15 2 Circus Freaks

"Regret" - a teenage girl tries to cheer up a friend who regrets all of the things that has happened to her in the past.

"Circus Freaks" - 3 friends perform at a circus to prove that they are not "un-worthy".

"Power Outage" - a family tries to do everything they can to survive a power outage.

July 9th, 2015
16 3 Snoozin'

"Why is the Sky Blue?: A Question Asked by Many" - a group of kids try to figure out why the sky is usually colored blue.

"Snoozin" - a young girl sleeps in a train, but is able to do many things while sleeping.

"Sad Person" - a young boy is sad because of various things such as his grandma dying, his dog running away, and his mother going into a coma due to a life-threatening seizure she had recently.

July 16th, 2015
17 4 All My Chickens

"All My Chickens" - a kid talks to living chicken wings.

"Space Craze" - an apple and a banana are trapped inside a rocket in space, and are driven to insanity.

"Ghostina in 'Letters'" - Ghostina and Jimmy look through some old letters written by famous people.

July 23rd, 2015
18 5 Pixel Shell

"I Luv My Mom" - a young girl talks about why she appreciates her mother so much.

"Household Horror V" - Sprite is kindapped by a group of "savages".

"Pixel Shell" - a little snail with a "pixel shell" finds something that he is actually good at.

July 30th, 2015

19 6 Cat Weekend

"Cat Weekend" - two cats try to find a way to spend their weekend.

"Aquaphobia" - a 5th grader tries to get her 7-year old brother to conquer his fear of swimming in water.

"My Favorite Kid" - a father spends the day with his favorite out of his 4 sons, who does not do anything at all but sleep.

August 6th, 2015
20 7

Household Horror Show

Half-hour Household Horror special

"Janet's Project" - Hat Guy and Sprite help Janet finish a school project on how America became freedomful.

"Sad Sprite" - Hat Guy and Janet try to cheer up Sprite after his wife dies of digitial leukemia.

"Hat Guy's Hat" - Hat Guy tells Janet and Sprite how he got the name "Hat Guy".

August 13th, 2015
21 8 1929

"1929" - A classy couple from the 20th century enjoy the last few days of 1929 and are ready for the 1930s to start.

"Lady's Boy" - A 14-year-old boy sprays some "Love Perfume" to attract every lady who notices him, and things start getting a bit creepier than expected.

"In the Studio" - a young man pitches a cartoon pilot to a TV production studio.

August 20th, 2015
22 9 When I Come Home

"Household Horror VI" - Hat Guy has an interview with an attractive lady about how life is in a relatively creepy house.

"Ghostina in 'It's Time'" - Ghostina thinks it's finally time to except her fate and move on to the afterlife with the help of Jimmy.

"When I Come Home" - a young runaway sings a song about what it would be like to finally make her way back home, if she could get there soon.

NOTE: last episode to air a Household Horror short before the half hour TV series launched in September 2015. Also the last episodes to have any recurring short skits.

August 27th, 2015
23 10 Wayward High

"Catching Butterflies" - a dad shows his son how butterfly catching is done.

"Wayward High" - a teenage boy attends a high school with no rules whatsoever.

"In the Clouds" - a young girl with the ability to fly decides to take a trip to the clouds.

September 3rd, 2015
24 11 The Rumblers

"The Rumblers" - a group of tough outcasts fight off a bunch off demons who want to eat the world.

"Baseball Buck" - a giant male deer joins a major league baseball team thanks to his god-like skills.

"Noodlep" - a lazy lying black cat causes some trouble around the town for no reason.

September 10th, 2015
25 12 Fish House

"Terry Up!" - a little girl finds some magical power gloves and decides to dedicate herself to saving the world.

"The Screw-Up" - a teenage screw up tries to find a way to keep himself from messing things up anymore.

"Fish House" - A bunch of fish roommates are being chased by a pizza maker who wants to make them anchovies.

September 17th, 2015
26 13 Jerk

"Jerk" - a young boy acts like a jerkhole to everybody in his middle school.

"Poomcho" - a little procupine looks for life in the big city. Meanwhile, an asteroid is about the hit the city.

"China Cakes" - a chinese food restaurant makes a lot of bucks with their newest cake food.

NOTE: Final installment of the series. After this episode, the series still airs on EliShows in reruns.

September 24th, 2015 (series finale)

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