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Kangaroo Dood is an American-Australian animated television series created by Hat. The series follows the exploits of a zookeeper named Robert Auzzie who becomes the clumsy but lethal Kangaroo Dood by night. He is joined by his sarcastic and mature kangaroo sidekick named Joey. Together, they fight off any evil that threatens Australia. The series was originally pitched to Kingson, however, it was later owned by RTV2.


Robert Auzzie: The main character of the series. He is a zookeeper by day, but when night falls, he becomes the dim-witted but serious superhero Kangaroo Dood.

Joey: An intelligent baby kangaroo who is Kangaroo Dood's sidekick. He is smarter and more mature than Kangaroo Dood, and often saves the day must of the time.


Dr. ApeSpaghettiZebraWood: A half ape, half pasta, half zebra, half tree creature who is Kangaroo Dood's arch enemy, who is an evil scientist. He used to be a nerdy inventor by the name of Dr. E. Gor, but after a freak accident involving a giant blender, he turned into the monster he is today.

ButterSnake: A half snake, half butterfly creatue.

Chompzor: A mutant Koala who likes to eat things. He used to be a normal koala, but he was turned into the creature he is today after a incident involving a pool of slime.

Dyna Mite: A woman in a dynamite costume who likes to throw dynamite at random citizens. She used to be a scientist named Dema Lition but went crazy after she became addicted to explosions and bombs.


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