KLLR is an animated crime thriller series which aired on Adult Swim in 2007. Produced by DP Vile Entertainment and created by Ralf Hat, KLLR ran with 52 episodes within two seasons, in a span of three years from 2007 to 2010.


Season 1

In Orion City, a group of five serial killers attempt to hide away from authorities by disguising as a regular family, thus pulling themselves into even bigger situations. They are unknown of a stalking detective attempting to foil their secret.

Season 2


Main characters

  • Esmeralda Sky: A 14 year-old girl and self taught sniper who ended up getting into the serial killer lifestyle after shooting and blowing up her entire school. Though her past may be shocking, Sky is overly hyperactive and immature, seeing her lifestyle as a “game” and killing others just for fun. Sky is quite insensitive when it comes to her murderous hobby, and lays off a hateful personality while disguising as friendly and lovable towards others.
  • Shin'nichi-ka: A silent Japanese mass murderer, wanted worldwide for his various rampages. Being edgy as he is, Shin is an outcast who stays behind the shadows, waiting to seek and kill his next victims. However, Shin’s victims are usually cheaters, burglars, and other self proclaimed “evil” doers, while killing few innocent people who get into his way.
  • Glenn Sunny: A church going optimist, with a horrid ideology. Glenn trusts his own religious beliefs that all “sinners” must be eradicated from the planet (while hypocritically ignoring his own family). Glenn’s fashion copies a typical medieval crusader, and kills his victims using cross shaped grenades.
  • Phrenia: A schizophrenic woman who accidentally killed her own husband. Being the only sane one in the family, Phrenia acts typically like a motherly figure to them all. She is quite bossy at times and will only get extremely violent on people who wish to harm her or the people she cares for.
  • Le Boucher: A French cook with a taste for human flesh.


  • Francis Green: A skeptic, family man, and detective who has been on an ongoing case in searching for Sky. He builds up most of the seriousness of the show, and is completely invisible to the cast, besides Sky. By the end of season one he is revealed to be Sky’s father.



The series is the fifth animated project produced by DP Vile Entertainment.

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