Just Keep Going is a song which was featured in Goldie: The Movie. It was sang by Goldie, and several others.


It's not over

Until we win

It's not over

Just yet

Just keep going and believing

We will win this!

But Goldie, there's no way

Just sit here, we must st-


Just keep going!

We have to do this

Face it, we are almost there

Come on, are you with me guys?

We have to do this

Just keep going

If you believe

Good things can happen

Good things will happen!

Wait a minute

Let me stop you right there

It's impossible!


Just keep going and it'll work!

Just keep going and we will be heroes forever!

If we believe

Good things can happen

Good things will happen!

We must keep going

Or we'll be classified as wimps

Climb that hill

Believe in yourself

We can do this!

No we can't!

Just keep going

And we shall win.

Keep going and then



Just keep going...

(Length 2:26)


  • This song was nominated for an Annie Award for Music in a Feature Production.
  • This is another of many auto-tune songs in Goldie.

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