Jump & WolfWolf 
Genre: Animated comedy 
Creator: Fred Seibert & Hunter Aran Bartley 
Starring: Henri Young

Regan Young 

Number of seasons: Five (with Season 0) 
Number of episodes: 492 (17 pilots) 
List of episodes: List of Jump & WolfWolf episodes 
Runtime: 22 minutes (11 per segment) (approx per episode) 
First aired: March 3, 2007 
Last aired: TBA 2011 
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Offical website: Nickelodeon Fanon! Wiki (Pilots aired on Fan Fiction Wiki)

Jump & WolfWolf is a television cartoon which premiered on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network on March 4, 2007. This is a spin-off of 17 pilots that had the names . In late 2005, Frederator Studios told Nick the good news that they were picking up the series for a first season. Production began in 2006 and did not air until 2007. In 2006, seventeen pilots aired to promote the show the show in fall that year. The show didn't premiere until winter of 2007. The show was on an hiatus as of April 2, 2008. The show returned on July 7, 2008 for a second and third seasons. It is unknown if the series will finish it's third season or not since the hiatus on August 14, 2009.  The show will return on February 4, 2010 to complete it's third season.


Main article: List of Jump & WolfWolf episodes

This episode list includes all of the Jump & WolfWolf episodes and the ones that never aired before! There is 492 episodes and 120 aired so far.