Juicy and Pop 
Genre: Surreal comedy 
Creator: Matthew Stone
Ben Braunagel 
Starring: Matthew Stone
Ben Braunagel 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: (1 pilot)
12 (announced) 
Runtime: 7m 0s 
First aired: August 2, 2008 (pilot)
TBA 2010 
Related: Zeke and Chris, Jump & WolfWolf, Hoops&Yoyo

Juicy and Pop is a cartoon that airs on both YouTube and Nickelodeon.



A 12 year-old red juice pop who embarks with his buddy Pop on epic adventures.


He is Juicy's friend and partner and is a bit more catious than Juicy himself, but sometimes dosen't act like so.

Lemon Girl

Juicy and Pop's damsel in distress.


Rough and tough and ready for adventure, but dislikes Juicy as he is annoyed by him.

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