Strongly Suggested for Mature Audiences

This article may contain strong violence and/or suggestive dialogue. It is strongly suggested for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

These are notable offensive jokes, refrences, and easter eggs in John & Josh

Season One


  • In this version of the opening sequence, John gives Josh a kiss on the cheek, however it was removed in later episodes because of time restraints.
  • At the beginning, a female orgasm can faintly be heard upstairs while John is talking to Josh.
  • On the television, the News appears to be showing the aftermath of a nuclear strike on North Korea.
  • After Josh says "Assassinate me", John missinterprets this, and sticks the handle of a knive in his anus, than sitting on Josh's face, stabbing him.
  • On the news in the backround, the moaning of a female can yet again be heard, however the announcer than refrences Scarlett Johansen, most likely referring to her sex tape.
  • At the end, as the screen fades to black, Josh starts to put his hand in his pants and touch his penis, during the credits, grunting can be heard.

Grandpa Rudolph

  • In the opening sequence, instead of John kissing Josh, Mother is shown pushing her breasts together for a mere second.
  • Grandpa Rudolph is seen wearing a Swatika armband when he first arrives, however Mother forces him to turn it inside out.

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