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John & Josh 
Genre: Animated 
Creator: Suzon (Talk) 
Developer: Suzon (Talk) 
Narrator: Morgan Freeman 
Opening theme: John & Josh 
End theme: Sunny Day 
Runtime: 26 minutes 
Original Channel: Nickelodeon 
First aired: April 28, 1993 
Last aired: April 28, 2013 
Followed by: John & Josh: Remastered 
Related: Rugrats, All Grown Up!

John & Josh is an american animated series starring two 3 year-olds, John, and Josh. The show sometimes does tie-ins with the Rugrats. The show is in its last known season, slated to end April 28, 2013, although a sequel has been announced. The show is known for lack of censorship, as well as being banned in many countries. The Rating varies in many regions.


Two 3 year-olds, John & Josh have to travel through life in an increasingly difficult world.


Episodes To be Listed.


  • John 
  • Josh
  • Mother
  • Daddy
  • Grandpa Rudolph
  • Grampa William


Overall the series has recieved mainly positive criticism, from kids, and older cartoon fans alike.



Map of Banned Countries

John & Josh has been banned in many countries for refrencing them in a bad way, or making too innaporopriate jokes. 

Other Stuff

Jokes (John & Josh)

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