Jersey and Freezy is a cartoon about a jersey devil and a snowman who love to eat waffles and live in a radioactive dump, along with their walking pet piranha, princess. Together, they go through bizarre and surreal misadventures.There's also a running gag in the series where a elephant falls on someone.


Jersey, the main character of the show. He is a jersey devil and Freezy's best friend. He can be a bit selfish and greedy at times, but still has a good heart. He loves waffles. He is voiced by Invader Rob.

Freezy, the other main character of the show. He is a snowman who is Jersey's best friend. He is incredibly optimistic and jolly, and is a bit gullible. He also loves waffles, like Jersey. He is voiced by Meeksman.

Princess, a walking pet piranha who is Jersey and Freezy's pet. She acts like a dog and only speaks in barks. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Mr.Smelly: A gas that sells things at the dump. Voiced by IAmBagel.

Tiny:A ill- tempered giant who is Jersey and Freezy's neighbor. He also has a small head. Voiced by Clancy Brown.

Roasty:A fast talking phoenix who is Jersey and Freezy's friend.Voiced by Tom Kenny.

Jack, a crazy old grizzly bear who likes to use a jackhammer.Voiced by Sr. Wario.

Spinner: a hedgehog who likes to spin around in a tornado. He doesn't talk.

Note: His original name was Dizzy Dizz.

Abby:A pegasus who is a little outgoing, but is very polite. Jersey and Freezy both have a crush on her.She is allergic to waffles. She is voiced by Candi Milo.


List of Jersey And Freezy Episodes

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