Jam Up! Cartoons 
Jam Up! Cartoons logo 
a fan-made animated showcase! 
Genre: Animated Showcase,Varity Show,Action/Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy 
Creator: MeeksMan 
Director: Everybody 
Developer: Theweb0123,Doug.scheer 
Presenter: MeeksMan 
Starring: MeeksMan (Host) 
Voices: Everybody 
Theme composer: MeeksMan 
Opening theme: Jam Up! Cartoons Yah!(theme) 
End theme: Jam Up! Cartoons Yah!(rock version) 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 100 
List of episodes: 100 
Executive producer: MeeksMan,Theweb0123,Doug.scheer and Everybody 
Producer: Theweb0123 
Asst. producer: Doug.scheer 
Production Company: Clyo Productions,Cartoon Network/Hub/Nicktoons 
Runtime: 30 minutes 
First aired: February 10, 2012 
Preceded by: SquareBall! Cartoons 
Related: Spike!,TDCC!,DoubleHeads
Jam Up! Cartoons is a animation showcase that has been created by MeeksMan. About everyday some editors will be ready and make some cartoons.


Click this link to make some cartoons. "List of Jam Up! Cartoons episodes"

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