Cain Akuji
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Nationality Americanflag American
Birth place Avalon, Elysian Isles
Gender Male
Relatives Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis Akuji (daughters)
Alias(es) Lord Cain
Love interest(s) Isabella Akuji (deceased wife)
Alignment Bad
Marital status Widower
Debut Syndicate
Created by KM
Signature appearance Syndicate

"War, famine, death . . . do you know what can stop all of those things? Divine intervention. But not some mythical hocus pocus, a real god has to intervene. People question their god all the time but he never responds and he never will. Izanoris will, because he is a real god. Izanoris can save humanity if we allow him to, for he is the true savior."
Cain Akuji during one of his sermons[1]

Cain Akuji is the deceased father of the Moirai sisters, but after his death his body became the host of the powerful demon Izanoris. He is the high priest of the Church of Izanoris.


Early life

Involvement in the Church of Izanoris


Becoming the host of Izanoris


Before his involvement with the Church of Izanoris, Cain was a humble and gracious man. He treated people how he wanted to be treated, but this kind of generosity was never returned. He still decided to continue acting the way he did however, because Cain viewed himself as an archangel of god and thought hospitality was necessary in an increasingly mad world. His parents had raised him in a way that made him develop a messiah complex, believing he could save people through sympathy.

By the time Cain had joined the Church of Izanoris, his former idealism was destroyed beyond any hope of repair as he grew increasingly mad everyday. Cain developed a new philosophy but still retained his messiah complex. tbc

Powers and abilities


Cain is a short man with black hair. He has onyx eyes and wears a pair of black rimmed circular glasses.

After Izanoris possessed him, Cain's skin became extremely pale and his veins clearly visible throughout his body. He had also developed the same eyes as Izanoris, which were yellow irises with serpentine pupils.



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