It's A Code MPC Cristmas is a 2013 Christmas Special.It Will Air December 20th On ABC,December 22nd On MTV,And December 24th On Nickelodeon, Nicktv, and Cartoon/Hub/Nicktooons. It will be rated TV-G. It is based of Code MPC.

It's A Code MPC Cristmas 
Genre: Family

Adventure Comedy 

Creator: DerpyPanda24 
Writer: DerpyPanda24 
Director: DerpyPanda24 
Developer: DerpyPanda24 
Presenter: DerpyPanda24 
Starring: Same as Code MPC

Cristipher Walken as santa Claus Betty White as Mrs. Claus Tom Kenny As Rudolph,Cupid,Comet,Blitsen Neil Patrick Harris as Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Donder Phill LaMarr as Frosty DerpyPanda24 as Heat Miser Jerry Trainer as Snow Miser 

Narrator: John Goodman 
Opening theme: What To Expect (Santa Rap Version 
Original Channel: ABC

MTV Nickelodeon Nick TV Cartoon/Hub/Nicktoons


Timan, Sharrie and Ricky travel to the north Pole to save Santa Claus from Deptho and his sister, In order to do this they have to team up with the Miser brothers and Ruldolph. They go through many challenges and obstacles on their way there.

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