"Pitiful, at that. Your futile attempts to defeat ME? Foolish mortals, you will never defeat me, and by never I mean NEVER! Now prepare to meet your worst nightmare and die at the hands of ME! ISHKANAWN!" -Ishkanawn before battling the heroes.

"What?! NO! This cannot be true! FOUL FANONS! I WILL RETURN, MARK MY WORKS! AND I WILL RID THE WORLD OF FANON WHEN I RETURN, SOMEDAY! MAYBE? I WILL DESTrrro- (melts in his own acid)" -Ishkanawn, last words in Nick Fanon: Highest Evil.

Ishkanawn is a powerful android capable of spewing sulfuric acid out of his shoulders.


Ishkanawn's goal was to rid the world of Nick Fanon forever, because he thought Nick Fanon was unoriginal and boring.


Ishkanawn is a black-green colored android that is slightly taller then Chrome, his rival.



  • Ishkanawn's name was only spoken of in the game two times (at the end and the start). Other that then, people just refer to him as it, he or him.
  • He is referenced many times in Chrome's Show of Chromeyness, and his gravestone is seen once. It reads:
Rest in Pieces
"Foul fanons!"

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