Invader Calamitous The Game Is A Game Based On The Tv Movie, Nicktoons Defenders Of Nickland


It Realy Horrible When Calamitous Is Hypnotised By Meekrobs And Kidnaping Every Irken Invader & NicktoonS Heroes So Zim & His Friends With New Irken Weapons Must Stop Calamitous Before He Wil Destroy Planet Irk

Playable Caracters & Irken Weapons

  • Zim With The Plunger Of Doom
  • Gir With Taco Shooter
  • Dib With Baloon Shooter
  • Tak With The Plunger Of Doom (Pink)
  • Spongebob With Bubble Shooter
  • Danny Phantom With The Irken Braincontrol
  • Sam Manson With The Irken Cloak
  • Ren With The Irken Fist
  • Stimpy With The Irken Toothbrush
  • Carly With The Irken Microphoon
  • Skipper With The Irken Wing
  • King Julien With The Irken Septher

More Coming Soon



  • Human Disguise
  • Old Man Disguise


  • Dog Disguise
  • Elf Disguise

More Coming Soon

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