Internet is an upcoming action/adventure series airing on the Fanon Weekends block on CN/Hub/Nicktoons. It will air October 18, 2012. The show is rated TV-PG-V.


Simon is a young boy, and his dad is a scientist. While his dad is on a bussiness trip, he decides to try out his inventions. However, one of his inventions transports him to the internet. So now, along with some friends, Simon has to get out of the internet. There he meets Popular Internet Meme characters.



Simon: A young boy and the main protagonist. He is very shy, but heroic

Melissa: A young girl who has also been sucked into the internet world. She is very tough, and is known to tease Troll Face a lot.

Pinhead Patrick: TBA

Troll Face: A floating face, who tends to troll people.

Alien Dude: TBA

LOL Cat: A very, very, very strange cat.


Internet Lord: TBA

More TBA

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