Teaser Trailer

(Infra): I'm older now.

Screen goes black and says: Wisdom Comes With Age

(Infra): I have fought villains I would not have known.

Screen goes black

(Infra): But I never knew the ones who gave me the power would return to haunt me.

Dozens of scenes go by, showing Infra's battles with the Chromeans

(Infra): But they did.

Screen goes black and says: Infrared: The Movie



On the announcement of Infrared worldwide, Maximus Loo2012 soon announced a movie, Infrared: The Movie to be released in 2100 theaters worldwide. Due to the movie being originally set to be released direct to DVD, some tweaks were made. Firstly, they struck a deal with Blue Sky Studios to help them animate the movie better. Also, they created over 10 new scenes to increase its screen time. In total, with the pay to the actors, the budget went up to US$50 million, much higher than the original of US$40 million. Hiring a new scriptwriter to enhance and increasing the film to 73 scenes scenes totalling 149 minutes, or 2 hours and 29 minutes, one of the longest animated films of all time.


  • Tom Cruise as Infra Red

On his character, Tom said that the movie portrays an adult Infra, who is much more serious in his goals. This time, Infra faces an Aztec king, brought alive by Chromean technology. The king has various powers of his own, as you will soon find out. His purpose? To rid of Ultra and Infra. However, he betrays the aliens.

  • Tara Strong as Ultra Violet

Ultra, revealed to be female (and romantically fond of Infra), is much more benevolent than Infra and genuinely wants to protect the world, unlike Infra who wants revenge.

  • Samuel L. Jackson as Azura

The Aztec King is revived by the Chromeans, who antagonise, at least for a short time. After Azura rebels after absorbing Infra and Ultra's power, the Chromeans ally with Infra in order to rid of him.

  • Hugh Dancy as the Chromean Leader

The Leader gives Azura, but later allies with Infra and Ultra after Azura becomes too powerful. After Azura is turned back to stone, he begins antagonizing them again.


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