'Infinity Bounce' is the second episode of Derphletes. It premiered on Nicktoons on August 4, 2020. 

Infinity Bounce
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date August 4 2020
Written by T-Rex
Directed by T-Rex
Episode Guide


Penny bounces uncontrollably.




[Red, Will and Penny have goggles and parachutes on]

(Penny) Are you sure about this?

(Red) Yup! We could get a skydiving medal.

(Will) See you on the flipside! 

[Will jumps]

(Red) Come on, Penny, it'll be fun!

[Red jumps]

(Penny) Fine. But if I die, I'm never talking to you guys again.

[Penny jumps]


(Red) Sooo... do either of you know how to use a parachute?

(Penny) WHAT?! I thought you did!

(Will) I thought YOU did!


[Red notices a cord and pulls it. The parachute comes out of the bag]

(Red) Oh, cool. Pull the cord guys!

[Will does the same]

(Red and Will) Penny!

(Penny) It's not working!

{Penny falls}

(Penny) Screw you guuuuyyyyyssssss!

(Penny hits the ground and bounces back up)

(Red) Wait, what?

(Penny) Hey... I'm alive! I can't stop bouncing though. HELP.

[Red and Will reach the ground and run after Penny, who is bouncing away]

[Penny bounces]


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