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Incrudporation is the 10th episode of Nicky.


A cynical agency steals Brandon's tech,and Nicky and him have to take it back.


Shows a high tech van pulling up near Nicky's house.

Nicky: MUFFINS!!!

Brandon: Wha?

Nicky: Me being random!!

Brandon: Oh,OKAY!!

Someone knocks on the door.

Agent: Knock,knock,knock.

Mrs. Tinguely: Oh! Someones at the door!

Agent: Hell-o. I would like to see Brandon Joeseph Tinguely.


Brandon: Coming,Mom!

Nicky: Yay! A visor!

Brandon: Hmm. I wonder who it is?

Agent: Hello,Brandon Joeseph Tinguely.

Brandon: What's up?

Agent: Something. Could you show me around that lab of yours?

Brandon: Sure! Nick,lead the way!

Nicky charges past the agent.

Brandon: Okay! Here's the Laser-Inator,the Freeze-O-Namic,and....the Pirate.....-inator!

Agent: Hmph. I am from the RRBCOAT.

Brandon: Rrb coat?

Agent: Really Really Boring Corporation Of Advanced Technology.

Brandon: Oh. Why are you really here.

Agent: Oh,good. I can finally get to the exciting point(flatly) I'm here to.....take your tech!

Brandon: What? You can't do that!

Agent: Yes,I can!

The agent shows him a big important paper.

Brandon: That....that's impossible!! I....I just won't allow it!

Agent: Merp. Sorry,kid! Come on boys,take the tech.

Brandon fires his laser gun at the agent,who leans down.

Agent: Hahahahahahahahaha!!

Nicky: Dat's not fair.

Brandon: I know! They....they can't!!!

Nicky: Me have a plan!

Brandon: Uh-oh!

Nicky gets in his spy suit,and runs and jumps on the RRBCOAT truck.

Brandon: Uh-Oh! Wait up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon chases the truck.

Brandon jumps on the truck.

Nicky: Wets stop des baddies!!!

Brandon: THIS IS BAD!!

Nicky: Uh-uh! Dis is good!


The truck goes so fast they are knocked off onto their bikes.

Brandon: Peddle,peddle,peddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky and Brandon bike to the RRBCOAT base.

Agent: Grrr!!! Those stupid kids want their tech! Well,boys,we need to use it against them!

Agent fires his blaster at Brandon.

Brandon: That burns!

Brandon shimmys to the drivers seat and kicks Agent.

Agent: Bwah!

Agent swirves,and Brandon and Nicky are launched in front of the car.

Brandon: Eak!

Nicky turns into the Incredible Nick and pushes the car out of the way.

Brandon: What's your secret?

Nicky: Me always angry!

Agent: Nooooooooooo!!! Well,you towo are smart,but we still have your tech! And we're not giving it up!

Brandon: You sure about that?

Nicky then turns into the Incredible Nick.

Agent: Uh....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agent and his friends run away.

Nicky: Howay! We got your techwology!

Brandon: Yep! Well I guess this is....

Nicky: DE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

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