"I Am The Law"
Episode: 41
Airdate: August 9, 2013
Writer(s): IAmBagel
Storyboards by: IAmBagel
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I Am The Law is the 41st episode of The Bagel Show. The episode first aired on Cartoon Network on August 9, 2013.


King Kingman begins making odd decisions and outright wacky laws, and Bagel begins to suspect that something is wrong with King Kingman. When the gang try to talk to him at his castle, the castle is converted into a deadly obstacle course, and the gang needs to complete it in order to confront him. However, the gang's differences in completing the course put a damper on their plans.


Bagel awakens from his sleep to find that his house has been completely trashed and messy. He wonders what happened to his house, but is interrupted by someone throwing a an elephant through his window. As he looks outside, he sees that all of the citizens are throwing elephants into houses and making people's homes messy. He also notices the rest of the gang in the middle of the street, looking at the town bulletin board, as that's where new rules are posted. Bagel meets up with the gang, and they all begin to read the board, as it might be a clue as to what's going on. As they read, they begin to notice downright strange laws were added, such as "No cooking on Sundays" and "No walking on legs without a permit from Richard Nixon".

Just then, King Kingman drives right into the bulletin board in his Jerk Mobile, and greets the gang in a friendly tone. They all immediatley question King Kingman with his sudden friendly behavior, as well as his law decisions. King Kingman assures the gang that he's always been like this and that those laws have always been there. King Kingman then drives off, running over people in the process. Bagel and the gang then decide to head to Rob's base to overall avoid the chaos the new laws are causing. In Rob's base, the gang all discuss King Kingman's odd actions. They all come up with theories for the reason behind his strange behavior, but none of them sound plausable. As they all head home, Bagel comes up with a plan to confront King Kingman.

Bagel and his friends later meet up that night in front of King Kingman's castle. When Bagel is about to go over the plan, King Kingman's castle is converted into a deadly obstacle course, with the gang trapped inside. In order to confront King Kingman, they must complete the course. Rob attempts to come up with a plan as to how they will solve the course, but Doug, being Doug, attempts to complete the course by himself. In doing so, he trips onto a large button, activating it. Just then, the course splits into two seperate areas, with the entire gang becoming seperated from eachother. Bagel, Matt and Lucy end up inside the first area, and Doug, Rob and Selena end up with the second area.

In Area 2, Rob, attemping to study the course, demands that Doug and Selena should both stay put and let him finish studying, in order to find out if it's safe to proceed. However, Doug and Selena both argue that they are "people of action" and tell Rob that they should just go on ahead, regardless of the danger ahead. An argument then ensues between the three of them, which forces them to just split up and complete the course individually. As Doug and Selena go through the course, they eventually come across a giant monitor, with the screen on it reading "ENTER PASSWORD". Doug and Selena both know that Rob is the only one that can manage to hack it, but they don't bother asking him because of the argument, so they just try to complete it on their own.

In Area 1, Bagel and the others are also having a few problems of their own. Matt and Lucy both want to complete the course, however, Bagel is too afraid to even take a first step. Matt, who is very impatient, immediately grabs Bagel and attempts to throw him across the course, wanting to complete it as soon as possible. Lucy then stops Matt and calls him out for trying to force Bagel to face his fear without his consent. The two begin to bicker and argue, while Bagel just sits and goes on his phone.

Back in Area 2, Doug and Selena are beginning to lose hope. They've attempted to crack the password, but everything they type in is always incorrect. After Doug begins repeatidly punching the computer, Selena begrudingly decides to turn back and ask Rob for help. 




  • On the town bulletin board, other new rules and other strange writings written by King Kingman can be seen. These rules include:
    • Citizens are only allowed to eat if they have feathers inside their organs
    • Breathing is now considered a sin. Don't do it. Think of the children.
    • No touching yourselves.
    • All books must be eaten by your feet.
    • 12>73
    • Ogre worshiping is now allowed on public grounds.
    • All citizens must scream at the sky.
    • the alien task force are meanies they wouldn't let me go to mars :( :( :(
    • Tell Curator Prime I said hi!
    • dahl
    • livin la vida loca

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