Season 1
Viral Of Doom: ZIM Makes a video to brainwash the humans Science: Membrain makes a machine that can mind control people
Hot Cheesy Pizza: Bloatys pizza hog was shut down but that was the only pizza place in town
Eagel To The Top: when Gir gets attacked by a eagel zim does research on the eagel
Meat Greasy Meat: when zim finds meat in girs stash he makes a meat proof suit
Irken TV: ZIM Makes a channel show he can get the humans atteion
Book Of History: Miss bitters reads the book of history (2 Part)
A Smeet Story: A Story Of ZIM'S Childhood (Part 2)
Puppy: The membrain family used to have a puppy
Lights Camrea ACTION!: The princebel makes a play called day 51
Gnomes: the gnomes have a breakdown and attack the city

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