I'm Sexist and I Know It is an episode of CircleCity from Season 6. This episode was rated TV-14-L-V.

I'm Sexist and I Know It
Season 6, Episode 2
Air date TBA
Written by IAmBagel
Directed by IAmBagel
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Everyone Shall Do The Drunken Circle Dance
Nega Teen Starving Squad

Basic Summary

After making a sexist statement to one of his costumers, Moe's restaurant starts losing costumers, up to the point where he may have to close it down. Meanwhile, Derp gets stuck in a cave.


(Theme Song)

(Moe is dreaming of him in a football field-sized pool outside a giant house)

Moe: Oh god, I'm rich as F***.

(Moe's butler walks up to him)

Moe's Butler: Sir, it is time for the hooker party.


(Moe wakes up from his dream)


(Moe gets a call from Fat Bob)

(Moe answers the phone)

Moe: Sup, fatass?

Fat Bob:....Thanks. Listen, you know that whole "Chicken in Mash Potatoes" promotion at your resturant?

Moe: Yeah....waitwhat.

Fat Bob: Remember? The ad was playing nonstop on every single tv station!


Fat Bob: Ugh. Nevermind. But listen, I've got a new gimmick for your resturant.

Moe: Si?

Fat Bob: Since when are we speaking spanish?

Moe: Since I decided to. Now what's teh gimmick?

Fat Bob:'re gonna love this...R-

(Moe hangs up for no reason)

Moe: Heh. Love doing that. Like I'm gonna listen to advice from customer's.

(Moe gets out of bed and gets into his car)

(Moe drives off to work while crashing into houses)

(Moe arrives at his resturant)

(Moe opens the door and switches the "closed" sign to "open")

Moe: Ahhh, I love my job....WHERE ARE THE FLIPPIN' CUSTOMERS?!


(At the apartment, Lloyd wakes up)

Lloyd: Eh? Oh, it's morning. DERP! Brush your flippin' teeth, I can still smell beer.

(No response)

Lloyd: Derp?

(Walks into the the living room of the apartment, and sees a note)

(Note reads: "Deer luoyd. want toooooooo cabe. fram, pwayinhg muntis")

Lloyd:...I don't even....


(Derp wakes up in a cave)

Derp: Oohh..jeez, what happen-Oh crap, I got drunk last night! Again! For the-wait, what episode is this?

(Slight whisper is heard)

Derp: Oh, okay. For the 92nd time!

Derp: Wait, maybe I can call Lloyd. Maybe I have my pho-

(A buzzing noise is heard from Derp's stomach)


Derp: Okay, so maybe I can dig my way out.

(Derp punches the ground multiple times)

Derp: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.


Moe:....How long have I been here?

(A knock is heard on the resturant's door)

(Moe grabs a gun and shoots the door)

Moe: We're open.

(A customer walks in)

Customer: this "Insert Restruant Title Here"?

Moe: Yes.

Customer: Listen, my family and I-(His family walks inside and continues talking)

Moe: *Thinking: Oh s**t. What the hell am I gonna do? This ain't no family resturant! Wait! I've got it! I'll kill them and have Fat Bob e-Ooh, wait, that wouldn't work. Fat Bob isn't a cannibal. Dammit.*

Customer: (still talking)-Soo, what do you have?

Moe: *awkward silence*...*jumps out the window*

Customer:..Uhh..we'll come back later..


Derp: Okay, there's only one solution: I need to crap out my phone. But what is there to eat around here?

(Sees a pile of rocks)

Derp: *groans* This is gonna be a long day.


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