How Many Cucumbers Does It Take To Destroy French Fry?


March 8, 2014


The Pizza Show

 How Many Cucumbers Does It Take To Destroy French Fry? is a The Pizza Show short.


Cucumber tries to figure out how many of him it takes to destroy French Fry.


(Slice & Cucumber are sitting in their hotel room reading comics. Suddenly, a giant helicopter bursts through the wall with French Fry flying it.)

French Fry: French Fry to Mission Control. We have landed. Over.

Mission Control Man (voice only): Good job French Fry. Over.

Slice: Ugh... Hey Cucumber, I wonder how many of you it takes to destroy that derp.

Cucumber: I'm on it!

(Cucumber repeatedly fires lasers at French Fry, but he uses a mirror. After many tries, Cucumber wins.)


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