Hope is a protagonist in the show Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.

Alias(es) Blue lady
Appears in Chrome's Show of Chromeyness
Age 27
Gender Female
Status Alive
Species Blu
Birth New Yuth, Idaho
Friends Chrome, Bagel, Rob, John, Doug (sometimes), Daccino, Bell, Gorge
Enemies Doug (sometimes), Chrome's Gameboy, Lord Zorgu, Nova
Love interests Chrome
Eye color Black
Hair color Light blue
Weapons Blue sword
Equipment Armor
Family Hope's Mother, Hope's Father


Hope was born in a small farm far from New City. She always had hope that things would be okay even in dangerous situations, therefore she got the name Hope.


Hope has blue armor and light blue skin. She has a blue sword given to her by her parents for more protection. She has a pair of angelic wings on her back that she can use for flight. Her wings also have regenerating powers.

Her armor is made of some sort of light, but very strong and durable material. The material is specifically made and branded for Blues. The armor also has shoulder blades, and her arms extend out of small holes in the blades.

She has black arms and legs just like almost every other character in the show.


Hope is usually friendly, but can be serious and sarcastic at times. Hope is pretty mature, and joajes around a lot.


  • Hope's name was given to her because her parents believed it was the result of hope that she was born.
  • Hope has a crush on Chrome, and Chrome returns the feeling.
  • In roleplays, Hope was kidnapped by the members of the Illuminate, most notably Toast Man.
  • Hope can sing quite good.
  • It is unknown what happens to Hope after the movie.

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