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Heroes Reactive 
Genre: Action, Fantasy Violence 
Creator: KingOfSpriters13 
Runtime: 42 minutes (Without breaks) 
Original Channel: Nickelodeon 
Related: The Rainbow Blade

The Voyages of Life

HTML: The Animated Series



The Rejects

Heroes Reactive is a series revolving around a team of futuristic aircraft pilots. Interestingly, most of the main characters in this series are taken from forgotten parts of the Foundry.


In the year of 2025, Syndicate has taken control of Elysium, and peace has established in the city. However, a string of threats of an extraterrestrial origin leads Syndicate to ponder how to deal with these non-domestic threats. Eventually, they reach a conclusion: create a team, similar to their own, to pilot a fleet of experimental air/spacecraft. They recruit the most competent of the signees, and soon arrive at a team of unlikely but brilliant heroes, the Heroes Reactive.

Heroes Reactive members

Character Original Series Description
L-Key [none] A mischievous AI who is able to hack through everyday electronics. He is the only original character in the series.
Romen The Rainbow Blade A extraterrestrial human from a dwarf planet within our solar system. He is able to counteract gravity and summon meteors.
Vision The Voyages of Life A fourteen year old boy, and former spaceship pilot. He is able to see into the future and teleport short distances.
Danielle The Voyages of Life A thirteen year old girl who is Vision's friend and former crewmate. She is able to transform into any inanimate object.
Kyle The Voyages of Life An eighteen year old who is also a friend and former crewmate of Vision. He is able to transform his body into steel, in parts or entirely.
W3 Source HTML: The Animated Series W3 Source is not an entity, but a conscious AI, whose current host is a mech suit. He is strong-willed and righteous, and he contains various sensors and lasers, as well as an EMP and a scanning device.
RACK Y-Guy A robot created by Professor Carrotstein to do his evil deeds. He, however, rejected Carrotstein's control, becoming a hero. He is able to detect the faintest of sounds and scan for life and energy sources.
Grouchy CopKittens A 25 year old siamese cat, who is a former cop who left the force due to corrupt officers. He is skilled with weapons and quite fearless, although he is somewhat bossy.
Eddie Watchout Nicky A young adult who is quite intelligent and skilled with robotics. He tends to stand by the rules, and is seen as a tattletale. He strives towards being a hero.
Animus NickFanime An 18 year old boy who was once a hologram, but was displaced into the real world. He lost his arm and eye in a fight, however he replaced them with robotic parts, making him stronger. He carries a blaster, pipe bazooka, Digi-Blade, and, most notably, capsules capable of spawning his allies.
Kevin-Bot Chrome A robot whose age or origins are unknown. What is known is that he is a friend and ally of Chrome, and he posses similar abilities, such as self propelled flight and control of other electronics

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