Headed North is a 2014 hand-drawn animated film created by Fanon Fun! Entertainment. The film centers around a cyborg bounty hunter named Jett and a little girl nicknamed Hope, as they journey to the ruins of Washington, D.C. and slowly form a relationship. With a dark story and gritty animation style, the reception for the film was (placeholder).


In 20XX, a virus known as Northile infects most of the population, killing them. The remaining become bandits and mercenaries or create a group called the Future, located in the ruins of the White House, who hope to rebuild the world. A representative of Future, known as Alicia Smith makes an amazing discovery, a 6-year old orphan named Hope, who is immune to the virus. Her DNA could cultivate a cure that could change life and begin a whole new era. Alicia visits an old friend, a mercenary who lost half of his body to Northile who goes by the handle Jett. She asks Jett to bring Hope to D.C. for a huge reward. Although reluctant to take care of the girl, he does so for the pay-off, and they begin their journey.

The bubbly Hope tries to get Jett, to talk, but he's relatively quiet. She pesters him on and on as they drive forward, but Jett doesn't break his composure. They stop that night at an abandoned house to get some sleep. Hope pesters Jett to give her a bed time story, and after all the pestering, he yells at her and slams her door shut, causing Hope to cry.



Sequels and Adaptations






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