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Happy Squared is a spin-off of SpongeBob.


Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code
1 Time Travelers December 21, 2009 SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick are walking in the park. They find Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff sitting on the bench. But they are surprised to see Plankton sitting between them. Krabs notices their surprise. "Ah." he said, "We've made up and gone into business together to create the Chummy Krab Restaurant." Sandy giggles at the name.
But Patrick wakes up to find it was a dream. He gets out of bed. He looks outside and sees SpongeBob floating in mid-air, surrounded by a field of lightning. The lightning leads to a plankton with a gray beard and purple robe. The whole city looks horrible. Sandy's treedome is ruined, SpongeBob's pineapple is rotting, and the K-Blub Radio Station's tower has fallen. Patrick realizes it's up to him.
2 Legacy of Starfish Man December 24, 2009 Patrick, with the fate of Bikini Bottom in his hands, becomes a superhero: Starfish Man! He gets a sidekick, who he dubs Squirrel Girl. You can probably guess who that is. He tackles Planktonamor (the bearded plankton from the previous episode). So, Starfish Man, Squirrel Girl, and new to the group, SpongeDude, send Planktonamor to jail, where they see three people they didn't expect to see in cells: Squidward, Squilliam, and Plankton. 102
3 What's Up, Squids? December 26, 2009 "What's up, squids?" SpongeBob asked Squidward and Squilliam. Squilliam quickly informs them that they're octopuses. Squidward says that they were put in jail because Plankton tried to get the Krabby Patty formula again and Squidward and Squilliam looked like acomoplices. Sandy comes up with a plan to free the three. She whistles loudly and Mr. Krabs appears in the jail. Sandy picks up Krabs up and pulls his left leg back, which sends his claws in a frenzy of swinging. The jail cell collapses and the captives leave. 10