Hallucinations is the fifth and last game in the Jordan Shizzydingle saga. The game is set after the events of Five Nights at Spot's 2.


After quitting his job at another Spot's Funtime Pizza Place locations, Jordan Shizzydingle realizes he has enough money from his previous jobs to pay for his house. However, he begins to hallucinate from his previous jobs. The hallucinations can and will kill Jordan via a heart attack, as indicated by a bar with a heart sign. You must remain in the comfort of your bed. To fend off the hallucinations, you must quickly take medication before you get a heart attack.

It should be noted that the events of the game take place during night, and Jordan goes sleepless 5 nights before his suicide. This is not impossible though, as a human being can go 11 days without sleeping.


TBA, animatronics from Five Nights at Squeegee's and Five Nights at Squeegee's 2 are to be revamped.


When morning strikes on the final night, Jordan begins to see the hallucinations during the day as opposed to only seeing them during night. Eventually, he begins to see them left and right, and he grows tired of it. He ultimately commits suicide, and the last thing you see before the screen cuts to the main menu is the sillhouette of Jordan hanging from the bathroom ceiling. If you click the credits option in red on the main menu, Jordan's suicide note will be displayed before the credits, revealing a bit more about his personality: cowardly, weak, and afraid. His suicide note is this:

I can't take it anymore. They're everywhere. Left and right I see them running at me. I've run out of medication to take. I can't take it anymore.

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