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Rated TV-PG - Contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children

This show, HTML: The Animated Series, is rated TV-PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for younger readers.
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HTML: The Animated Series
Genre Action-adventure
Science fiction
Surreal comedy

HTML: The Animated Series, often shortened to HTML: TAS, is an American animated miniseries created by KM, produced by KM Publishing, and airs on KM TV. HTML: The Animated Series draws much of its inspiration from 1980s American culture, and is set in 1984 in a fictional city in Florida called Malware City, which is modeled after Miami and New Orleans. The visual style of animation used in the show is "Dark Deco," which originated from Batman: The Animated Series. HTML: TAS features a strong musical score written by several different composers throughout the course of the series, intended to match the 1980s feel. The show is related to The Rejects and Sugarboy.



Bobby is an incompetent failed marketer and inventor, who is just trying to make it big and be successful. After recently getting fired from Spyware Industries, Bobby decides to scrap all his projects but one: a data storage device called the USB flash drive. After testing the device on his Macintosh 128K, the device instead extracts much secluded and reclusive data, eventually delving into the World Wide Web and extracting W3 Source from his home.

Both surprised and confused, Bobby intends to use his device for profit but is surprised to see it destroyed. W3 Source must now unfortunately adjust to the modern 1980s culture with the help of the worthless Bobby.


Season one



Name Description Voice actor Episode debut
W3 Source
W3 Source is the protagonist of HTML: TAS. W3 Source is a strong-willed and righteous interlinked hypertext-based organism, and he strictly opposes any form of oppression. His best friend, Bobby, see's W3 as the pinnacle of heroism. W3 Source previously resided inside the internet, which he calls the World Wide Web.
Bobby is the deuteragonist of HTML: TAS. Bobby is a failed marketer and inventor, and has previously worked alongside Steve Jobs. Bobby rarely accepts responsibility for actions that may have gotten him or his friends into trouble, and he is quite a coward.
Chris is the tritagonist of HTML: TAS.
Not Announced
Bio IT
Not Announced


Name Description Voice actor Episode debut
Internet Ghost
Internet Ghost is the primary antagonist of season one.
Sgt. McDonald
Sgt. McDonald was one of Chris's non-commissioned officers. McDonald does not take his position seriously and is generally a man of loose morals.
Commissioner Carl
Commissioner Carl (later simply known as Carl) was the police commissioner who has sunk so deep into the depths of his line of work that he has corrupted himself in the process. Commissioner Carl's role in HTML: TAS is extremely similar to Captain O' Avraf's role in Syndicate. They both are extremely corrupt police commissioner's who use their knowledge of gangs to coerce them into surrendering some of their profits and supplies to them.

Other characters

Name Description Voice actor Episode debut
Trent is the managing director of Spyware Industries. He is extremely rational and dull, as well as cold and calculating. Trent despises anything creative, exciting, or entertaining, and he is completely emotionless. His choice in clothing is mostly consisted of well-tailored suits with the dark color themes of black, blue or grey.
That '80s Show (name isn't revealed, however)
John was an assassin who was hired by the Internet Ghost to assassinate W3 Source. John moved to Malware City and spent a month looking for Source. While looking, John occasionally attempted to stop the crime in the city, with authorities and criminals eventually dubbing him the "Malware vigilante".

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