Guy is an antagonist and victim of being killed in every episode of Chrome. He is has also shifted into insanity, now with messy hair, red eyes, and broken teeth. Ever since he went insane, he was only seen as a shadow hiding behind crates and walls until the movie, when he was the true main antagonist.

Role in The Chrome Movie

Guy appears in many scenes behind crates, in the darkness, and behind tables and chairs, and makes a true appearance at the end of the movie, attacking Chrome and Lord Zorgu, making the spaceship they are on fall, as Guy escapes, Guy grabs the Power Sphere, and eats it without chewing, and runs to Joebot City to destroy it, as it was where he transformed into an insane person with an demented mind. Guy then destroys Joebot City, and kills Bagel. Guy then battles Chrome on a volcano, winning, until Guy trips and falls into the volcano, burning to pieces. Bagel is then revived by the Power Sphere, and the city is back to normal, also by the Power Sphere.


He used to be a stick figure with white eyes and a white mouth, and worked as a scientist until his insanity.

Now, he looks the same, but with red eyes, broken teeth, and messy hair. He is also bare foot and mostly bald. His ear is also mostly chopped off.

After the Volcano

Guy appears to have survived in the season 2 episode of Chrome "The Volcano Explorers". He is also the main antagonist of that episode, but is yet again thrown into the lava, but this time, is crushed by the faling spaceship that was still falling, while the volcano erupts, killing Guy.

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