Get off my lawn,is the 3rd episode in the TV series,Nicky.


When a grumpy old hag is bothered by Nicky,Brandon and him are in BIG trouble.


Shows Nicky and Brandon walking through the neighborhood.

Nicky: Look at that house,Bubby!

Brandon: NO! That's Ms. Old's house. She kicks puppies!

Nicky: Kicking puppies? Meanie.

Brandon: Yeah! DO NOT,I repeat DO NOT go on her lawn.

Nicky: Go on her wawn?

Brandon: No,don't go on her lawn!

Nicky: Otay.

While Brandon's playing on his 4DS,Nicky goes on Ms. Old's lawn.

Ms. Old: Is that... a child!? I hate those little maggots! And it's his rotten brother,Brandie!

Ms. Old opens her door.

Nicky: Uh-Oh! Don't kick my puppies!

Ms. Old: Get off my lawn,demon!

Brandon: NICKY!!

Nicky: Wes,Bubby.


Ms. Old: Pipe down,hooligan!

Brandon: Sorry,Ms. Old!

Brandon: Nicky,don't make me use my Shieldifier.

Nicky: I sorry.

Brandon goes back to playing his 4DS,and Nicky goes on Ms. Old's lawn again.

Ms. Old: Looks like i'll have a trophy,and it'll only be 3!

Ms. Old: Would you like some candy?

Nicky: Wes.

Nicky comes in Ms. Old's house,ignoring all of the children trophies she has.

Ms. Old: Sit down.

Nicky: Can I have a lollipop?

Ms. Old: NO! Mwahahaha! You are now my youngest trophy!

Ms. Old smacks Nicky with a cane and starts to glue Nicky to a trophy stand.

Brandon: Uh,where's Nicky? Oh no! I bet he's a trophy now!

Nicky: Bubby? BUBBY!!

Ms. Old: Pipe down you infant idiot!

Nicky jumps off of his trophy stand,and throws it at Ms. Old.


Nicky runs for it,and jumps in Brandon's arms!

Brandon: OK,Nicky,let's go!

Brandon uses his jet shoes to go at max speed,leaving Ms. Old in the dust.

Brandon: Mom! Ms. Old tried to capture Nicky!

Mrs. Tinguely: MY BABY! THAT ROTTEN OLD...

Ms. Old: Mwahahaha! I've found 2 trophies!

Mrs. Tinguely: Hi-yah!

Ms. Old is karate chopped by Mrs. Tinguely,and launched back to her house.

Ms. Old: This isn't overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Nicky: Dat was fun!


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