Game Show of Doom is a Season 6 episode of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures.


LT Fan hosts a game show so that the SSK gang are distracted while he tries to take over the world




Invader Rob



Pac-man 64




Rainbow Dash

Matt Winters

LT Fan


LT Fan: I hate that stupid blue Kirby! He keeps stopping my evil plans! If only there were some way to get his friends distracted while I destroy Nicktropolis. That's it! I'll create a game show, and make them all contestants!

(Back in Nicktropolis)

SSK: Good news, everyone! We're gonna be in a game show!

Everyone: Yay!

Web: This is applebucking awesome!

Brandon: Which one?

SSK: Trouble Dare! Guess it's a reboot, then.

Matt: I don't remember signing up for this...

SSK: Well, pack your bags everyone. We're going to Hollywood.

Pac: YES!!! I always wanted to be on a gameshow!

(everyone runs off)

(on an Airplane)

Y-Guy: This is cool!

Web: Yeah! I;ve never been on an airplane before!

Pac: I Have when a was a baby!

( Pac has a Flashback)

Pac: This is so c-c-co-o-o-lll

Mr. Pac: Oh God! No son!

Mrs. Pac: Noooo! not on the sea-


(Pac Throws up)

(Pac's Flashback end)

Pac: Oh.....

Brandon: I wonder what food they have on here?

Web: I'll ask! Can we get the chicken nugget meal?

Waitress: Most certainly! (leaves)

Nicky: Brandon! I gotta pee!

Brandon: You can't go to the bathroom until the plane is at cru-

Nicky: I GOTTA PEE NOW!!!!

Web: Shut up, Nicky!

Rob: grrrr.......

Brandon: Don't talk to my little brother that way!

Rob: Both of you shut up right now!

Waitress: Um, your food's done, Mister...

Web: My name's W- (thinks) actually, call me "Longrod Von Hugendong"

SSK: Food's here!

Everyone: Yay!! (Eats)

Web: NOM!

Pac: Man! Power Pellets!! YUM!!!!

SSK: *Eats a sandwitch*


Rob: (Drinks a milkshake)

Web, Brandon, Y-Guy, Mango, Pac, and SSK: CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!

Rob: (Finishes shake)

Web, Brandon, Y-Guy, Mango, Pac, and SSK: WHOO!

Plane Captain: Attention all passengers, we've reached cruising altitude so feel free to move about the cabin.

Brandon: Now you can go to the bathroom!

Nicky: I don't need to anymore.

Web: Um, why is my seat squishy? And warm?

Dash: (Giggles)

Web: This suuuucks!

Pac: Agreed.

Homestar: Same here!

Dash: Hey, the plane's technically in Wisconsin now!

Web: Oh sweet! I want some Swiller Heavy!

Waitress: Coming right up.

Brandon: This trip is starting to look alot better.


Y-Guy: Now where are we?

SSKirby: In Louisiana.

Rob: Cool.

Dash: Twenty per-

Web: Enough with that already!

Matt: It is kinda overused.

Brandon: I'm bored.

SSK: Let's watch the in-flight movie.

Web: Ok!

(everyone puts on headphones)

(5 mins later)

Rob: This is horrible!

Pac: Oh god! I can't watch anymore!

SSK: Why would they name this "Cupcakes"?

Dash: (hugging Web tightly and sobbing)

Web: This movie is so awesome!

(everyone stares at Web)

Web: Oh, so people can like Dora, but I can't like horror flicks?

Brandon: He's right. I'd rather LIVE this than have to watch Dora.

Everyone: Agreed!


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