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A series by Maximus Loo2012


America begins a war with Russia after an assassin kills one of USA's Senate members. The two developed countries fight with powerful weapons that tear the world apart in what the press calls World War III.


  • Steve Blum as Wilson "Wolverine" Wade
Wilson, a gruff warrior, discovers who caused the war and his purposes. On his new role, Blum said he was very similar to Wolverine in comics, so he requested that Wilson have a nickname of Wolverine.
  • Toby Maguire as Nick

A former member of Russia's KGB, Nick kills a Senate member when hired by Israeli mob boss Malagi

  • Sir Ben Kingsley as Malagi

Malagi causes a major war between America and Russia in order to complete a huge heist in banks around America and Russia, as the countries use all resources on the war and security decreases


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Writer
1 Assassin War Maximus Loo2012
2 In The Picture Maximus Loo2012
3 When War Hits Maximus Loo2012
4 Maximus Loo2012

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