Frollo Gets AIDS is an episode of Cartoon Awesomeness.


(Frollo & Gaston are staring at mud)

Frollo: I'm bored...

Billy Mays: HI! Billy Mays here!

(Billy Mays explains about the Magic Fire)

(Billy stops explaining about it.)

Frollo: I'll take it!

(Frollo & Gaston doe a cheer)

(The start watching TV)

(Frollo gets rid of the DVD & replaces it.)


Russia Frollo: Hey frenchies, look who i brought with me!

Random French Guy: (Speaking French)

Subtitle: With Hitler gone, France is ours!

Subtitle 2: All french people must do forced labor!

(Frollo & Gaston Goe Crazy)

(There is flashbacks of the time Frollo & Gaston were slaves)

Frollo: I don't like this...So i'm going to Crazy Park!

(Frollo escapes)

Stocking: Huh? What's That?

Panty: Huh?

Panty: That face looks like it's been through a blender...

(Shows fottage of Frollo standing there)

Panty: Well, what do we do? Call it dead?

Panty: Hm?

Panty: Stockin?


Stocking: Gorgeus!

(Stocking falls in love with Frollo)

Stocking: Omigod.

Frollo: Get out, you idiot...

Gaston: Egg...BLASTER!

(Gaston shoots eggs all over the place)

Random French Guy: Ifroundsomefrosteylugii.

Russia Frollo: Run!

Someone: Getting Away!

Frollo: I will destroy...LT Fan!

(LT Fan dies)

Stocking: Sorry.

Stocking: I couldn't decide what to wear.

Frollo: You Idiot!

Frollo: I am not capable of free love!

Frollo: I want to do your sister!

Frollo: Leave Me Alone!

(Frollo flys away)

Spongebob: When's nowone in to who's that manly!

(Gaston tries to break out)

(Gaston turns purple)

Frollo: Home, Sweet, Home

(Frollo found Stocking)

Stocking: I'm going to destroy you.

(Frollo gets destroyed)

(Shows a footage of Hitler going crazy about Frollo getting destroyed & Gaston dieing)



  • Frollo
  • Gaston
  • Russia Frollo
  • Random French Guy
  • Panty (Guest)
  • Stocking (Guest)
  • Spongebob
  • Hitler (Guest)

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