Frederick "Fred" Freef
Species Dog
Nationality American
Birth date February 7, 1982
Date of death 2000
Age 17-19 (The Epic Animals)
Gender Male
Height 3'9
Eye color       Black
Relatives Two parents
Freduardo (brother)
Affiliation Good
Occupation Wannabe detective/reluctant superhero
Friends Catnip
Residence Illinois, Wisconsin
Alignment Good
Marital status Single
Debut The Epic Animals
Created by IAmBagel
Signature appearance The Epic Animals
English voice Crispin Freeman

"This was the worst day of my life. As was yesterday. And the day before that."

Fred is one of the main protagonists of The Epic Animals, along with other shows in the Foundry. Being a childhood friend of Catnip and Cotton, Fred was well aware of Catnip's dream of crime-fighting, but wanted no part in it, and even criticized Catnip for this goal of his. As the years went by, however, he found himself stuck joining Catnip's "superhero" team, The Epic Animals, though he only takes part in their heroic activities to prevent Catnip and Cotton from facing danger or certain death.


Early Life




Events of "The Epic Animals"


Adult years


Later life



Fred is best described as being very cynical, cranky, and overall a huge downer with a permanent frown on his face. He overall wants no part in the superhero business he has found himself in, and will take any chances on getting out of it, striving to just live a calm, peaceful life with no worries and putting his life on the line everyday. He often acts as the voice of reason amongst the trio, contrasting Catnip's spunk/ignorance and Cotton's innocence, and will often find a solution to their problems and lead them out of danger. He in general hates the sense of adventure and crime fighting, and is very cowardly, which is one of the factors that hinders the trio's constant failure as a crime fighting team.


  • Fred was particularly inspired by Blue, a character from the animated web series Dick Figures.



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