Foundry Realms is a video game made in 1995 for the Atari Jaguar, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and PC, 1996 for the PlayStation, 1997 for the Sega Saturn, 2001 for the Gameboy Advance, and 2004 for Xbox and DS.

Playable Characters

  • Bagel
  • John
  • Wario
  • Web
  • Erin
  • Ross


  • Course 1: Papa Squeegee's
  • Course 2: Nicktropolis
  • Course 3: Graveyard (Boss: Sir Skellington)
  • Course 4: Bikini Bottom
  • Course 5: Jungle Land
  • Course 6: Caveland (Boss: LT Dino)
  • Course 7: Whale Belly
  • Course 8: The Sky
  • Course 9: Dora Land (Boss: Dora)
  • Course 10: Dark Alleyway
  • Course 11: Fort Pooda (Boss: RACK)
  • Course 12: Hell (Boss: LT Fan)



  • A Super Nintendo version was planned but never released due to the Nintendo 64 being released during the beginning of development. The Super Nintendo version was later ported to the Saturn.
  • A 32X version was also planned but never released due to the failure of the 32X.
  • A 3DO and CDi version were also planned but were both canceled due to the 3DO being discontinued during development, and the CDi being a commercial failure.
  • The Jaguar and Saturn versions are the most ported versions of the game.
  • The game was later ported to the Gameboy Colour as Foundry Realms 2: The Nine Crystals

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