Foundry: Alternate Times is a show the revolves around what would happen if an event went the other way. For example, What if Perry committed suicide in high school, or what if Y-Guy ditched his friends for fame. The show was created by DerpyPanda24 and airs on The Best Cartoons. It is rated TV-PG and sometimes TV-14. It premiered on March 20, 2014.


This show follows alternate scenarios in The Foundry involving various characters like Bagel, Perry, or Kyle.


The show has no main characters except an anthropomorphic cactus who happens to be the host of the show. His name is unknown. Various characters appear every episode, but these characters are different every time.

List Of Episodes

Season 1 Season 1 had 8 episodes. It aired on The Best Cartoons! and had reruns on Nicktoons 1000 starting after the seventh episode's original The Best Cartoons! airdate.

  • Perry: What if Perry committed suicide in high school?


  • This show was originally a comic book but the comic was canceled after the comic in progress burned along with every copy of Kyle In The Foundry.

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