Terrestrials are those native to Earth.

  • Geminians
  • Immortals are an ancient race of superhumans who share the power of immortality, as the name implies. Collector represents them.
  • Humans are the predominant lifeform on Earth, making up most of the population.
  • Puffballs
  • Superhumans are a sub-race of humanity who possess what are commonly described as superpowers, whether genetically inherited or acquired by exposure to some mutagenic compound or energy. Examples include Mage, and Nathaniel Quartz, among others.


Extraterrestrials originate from anywhere except Earth.

  • Acadians are a scientifically and technologically advanced race of deified entities, the first to gain sentience. Most were inadvertently killed off by Prime, leaving a dozen left (Prime included).
  • Andromeans
  • Ferusians are an endangered humanoid race of grey-skinned women. Providence is one of the last survivors.
  • Kreonians
  • Suklonians are an evil race of squid-like shapeshifters. An example is Krazy.
  • Unferthians are humanoid aliens descended from the Primordial Deity Corpora. An example is Xelphos.
  • Xeeins are an imperialistic race of green-skinned humanoids whose goal is total universal conquest; they mostly attain this feat with the aid of their vast militaristic space army. Two notable examples are Perfect and Rob, both traitors of Xial for not conforming to the race's social norms.


  • Anthros are a thing, but they are in the minority and treated as such. An example is Ross.
  • Spectrals are basically ghosts, intangible and not composed of solid matter. An example is Matt.

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