The Foundry is the shared universe where some of the content on Fiction Foundry take place. The universe is a quirky and eccentric world made up of colorful and somewhat ridiculous characters that take on varying degrees of both serious and downright silly tones. Some of the well-known heroes include Mage, Bagel, Xelphos, Web and Krazy while some of the well-known villains include Eris, Perfect, King Kingman, The Entity and Oblivion.

The Foundry was created by Kayem-san and KingOfSpriters12 in 2013. Other contributors include, in no particular order, IAmBagel, Sr.Wario, Chaossy, .mynameischrome., Mrs Chanandler Bong, Invader Rob II, MattBoo 2, SuperSaiyanKirby, Maximus Loo2012, Derphox, BaconMahBoi, JellyfishJam38, Collector1, Gray Pea Shooter, DarKingdomHearts, Ralf Hat, and Lemon Atheist.


The Foundry incorporates almost all speculative fiction concepts, most notably science fiction, fantasy, and superhero fiction. It is essentially a multicultural crapsaccharine world populated by humans, aliens, robots, monsters, superpowered beings, and everything in between, all with their own cultures, traditions, and ethics. Theoretical technology more advanced than that which currently exists is attainable and can be reproduced, but it is usually very experimental, costly, and sometimes dangerous. Non-human entities (aliens, robots, etc.) are a regular part of society and are, for the most part, treated equally.


TV series

Series Channel Connection
Animal Control
• Genome is a department of H+ from Syndicate
Annoying People
• Crossovers Syndicate, Squad Æ, The Bagel Show, Mortal Insanity, and Xelphos Adventures
Bandit Territory
• Introduces Saint, Oblivion, Prime, and Apollyon, who all go on to appear in other series
• Features Mage, Collector, Chrome, and Morningstar from The Bagel Show and Web and Æ from Squad Æ
Blue Syndicate
• Spin-off of Syndicate
• Features Rob, Matt, Chrome, and Hagel from The Bagel Show and Animus from Chronicles of Anima
• Features Eris from Syndicate, Order from The Bagel Movie, Morningstar from The Bagel Show, and Chief Goodness and Toncho from Righteous Do-Gooders
Double O' Seven
The Best! Cartoons
• Takes place in Fort Pooda, which debuted in Bandit Territory
Employed in the Foundry
• Features Zhao Industries from Syndicate, BrandoCorp from Nicky, and Spyware Industries from HTML: The Animated Series
Foundry Jr.
• Spin-off of Syndicate
Foundry Sr.
• Spin-off of Foundry Jr.
HTML: The Animated Series
• Features Mage from The Bagel Show/Bandit Territory
• Crossover episode with Sugarboy and The Rejects
• Introduces the Andromeans, who are also enemies of the Church of Rectitude from Righteous Do-Gooders
Krazy vs. Life
Krazy'z Channel of Krazinezz
• Features Krazy from The Bagel Show
Static is the son of Luna, Apollyon (Bandit Territory) and Morningstar's (The Bagel Show) sister
Morningstar & Byzantine Get a Show
• Features Oblivion from Bandit Territory and Morningstar from The Bagel Show
• One of the settings featured is Suklonia from Krazy vs. Life
• Rude works for Eris from Syndicate
Mortal Insanity
• Introduces Ross and Rick, who go on to appear in other series
The Best! Cartoons
• Introduces Brandon and Dr. Boom, who go on to appear in other series
Pete Coldary
Righteous Do-Gooders
• Introduces Guy, Toncho, and Chief Goodness, who all go on to appear in other series
Squad Æ
Cartoon Network
• Introduces Æ, Web, Matt, and The Troll King, who all go on to appear in other series
• Introduces the city of Elysium which reappears in Syndicate
• Crossover episode with HTML: The Animated Series and The Rejects
• Crossovers The Bagel Show, Bandit Territory, Squad Æ, and to a lesser extent Nicky, and features related characters such as Mage, Bagel, Rob, Matt, Selena, Saint, Æ, and Dr. Boom to name a few
• Season two features a cameo from Bob Boogleface from The Bob Boogleface Show as Juliet Geniorum is friends with him
• Introduces Erin, Wario, and Eris, who all go on to appear in other series
• Takes place in Elysium, which debuted in Squad Æ
• Later seasons crossover with Mortal Insanity and Xelphos Adventures
Syndicate Upcoming
• Prequel of Syndicate
Syndicate XZ
AnimeNation International
• Spin-off of Syndicate
The Bagel Show
Cartoon Network
• The entire main and secondary cast go on to appear in other series, as well as LT Fan
• Features Matt and Æ from Squad Æ
The Bob Boogleface Show
Bob Boogleface reappears in Syndicate
The Justice Mavericks
The Rejects
• Crossover episode with HTML: The Animated Series and Sugarboy
Xelphos Adventures
Xelphos and Tiffany go on to appear in other series
• Xelphos is an Unferthian and is therfore a descendant of Corpora, Apollyon (Bandit Territory) and Morningstar's (The Bagel Show) sister
Xelphos Chronicles
• Spin off of Xelphos Adventures
Xelphos III
• Sequel series to both series


Comics Connection
BatDoug: Defender of Nothing
The Bagel Comics

Video games

Video games Connection


Movies Connection
Foundry 2214: Second Coming of Perfect
Foundry Jr: The Summer Scheme
Justice Mavericks: The Beginning
Syndicate: High Society
The Bagel Show: Rise of Kreon


The Foundry is part of a multiverse where various universes coexist simultaneously without affecting each other directly. This is a list of all universes shown or mentioned.

  • Prime (Earth-69), the primary continuity.
  • Circle (Earth-420), a universe in which all inhabitants are anthropomorphic, multicolored circles. CircleCity takes place in this universe.
  • Enmity Orb (Earth-44), a universe where LT is LT King and is considered a king and deity. Most of the events of Blue Syndicate occur in this timeline. Many characters featured from the Foundry are either dead or never existed in this universe, save for characters like LT.
  • Randaria (Earth-287)
  • Sod (Earth-895)
  • Supercell (Earth-52), a world with no aliens, only superpowered humans. Hero and The Spinning Pinwheel take place here.
  • Unnatural (Earth-7), a paranormal universe occupied by humans, supernatural entities, and demons. Mysteries takes place here.
  • VECTOR LAND (Earth-3), a dangerous metaverse.
  • Vility (Earth-100), a mysterious seemingly empty dimension that is featured in the final story arc of The Bagel Show. The universe contains exact replicas of the planets, countries, cities and towns featured in Earth-69, but the universe itself is mostly empty of any lifeforms and many of the towns and cities seem to be decaying. Power, abilities and energy do not exist in this universe nor can it be manipulated, as any source of power that does enter the universe is destroyed upon entrance. Abilities that an individual may have are immediately erased, though they are regenerated upon leaving Vility.

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