Food Federation 
The series logo 
Genre: Action/adventure
Dark Humor 
Creator: Son of Hat 
Writer: Son of Hat 
Director: Son of Hat 
Opening theme: TBA 
End theme: TBA 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 12 
Executive producer: Son of Hat 
Producer: Son of Hat 
Asst. producer: Son of Hat 
Production Company: XTV 
Runtime: 11 Minutes 
Original Channel: RTV2 
First aired: July 23, 2011 
Last aired: December 5, 2011
Food Federation is an American animated television series created by Son of Hat  and the Viacom owned channel Kingson. Food Federation follows a group of former basketball stars, Lettuce, Pepper, and Toast. The gang are now a bunch of scrubs who have no life whatsoever.

It was first known as Food Friends, a web series on the Kingson website. The show was however canceled in December 5, 2011 with only one season and 12 episodes. The series is rated TV-PG-L to TV-PG-LV.


  • Lettuce- The leader of the team, who acts cowardly and selfishly towards everyone else.
  • Toast- The strong one of the team who does nothing but follow Lettuce's every command.
  • Pepper- The youngest and newest guy in the group. He is aware of the dangers everywhere.



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