five night at leo's is an indie horror game for the PC developed by intellegent athiest, it is rated 13+ and is a parody of five nights at freddy's. but takes place at leo lion's family restaurant


you are a loser with no money (your name is barry frywang), so you get a job at leo lion's family resteraunt as a security guard.


leo lion: he is the equivalent of freddy fazbear and will start moving on night 2, he can go through either door

willy the wolf: he is probably the first animatronic you will encounter, he goes through the left door

ola the otter: she is the quivilant of chica and will go through the right door

conella the barberian: she is the equivilant of foxy and goes through the left door, she will become active on night 3


after beating night 5, you will be shown a cutscene that shows your fat boss giving you your paycheck (the paycheck says $500) after this you will unlock night 6, after beating night 6 you will be shown a cutscene that shows your boss saying ''great job!'' and he gives you another paycheck ( the paycheck says $700) after this you will unlock the custom night, after beating the custom nightyou will be shown a cutscene that shows you boss saying ''what?! your fired!'' and he gives you pink slip (the pink slip says reason of termination: tampering with the animatronics), the custom night ending is non canon

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