Five Nights at Squeegee's 2 is the sequel to Five Nights at Squeegee's, and unlike Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the game is not a prequel. You play as Jordan Shizzydingle, the protagonist from the first game. You have a flashlight and a Chrome Head, which can both be used against the worn and withered animatronics.


The first location from the first game is closed a few weeks after Jordan's shift due to him suing the restaurant for having malicious animatronics. It is revealed a year before Jordan's shift that another restaurant was in the making, and it can be described as another location. The company finished it after Jordan sued, and due to him still being broke, he takes the job as the night watch there. There is also a new Phone Guy, which claims to know the previous one and reveals more about him and the friendshop they had while he was still alive. This Phone Guy heavily encourages the player to quit the job and get a new job elsewhere.

The old animatronics were also relocated at the new location, and are withered. Chrome's glass is shattered and his horns are broken off, revealing wiring and chips. RACK's face is torn off, similar to Bonnie, Net is darker and desaturated, making him harder to see, and The Beast is now an endoskeleton with his costume completely removed.

Red also appears as an easter egg, and he can crash your game. There are also no new animatronics, as the new location was aware of the evil animatronics and decided to scrap the idea. The animatronics were relocated for spare parts just in case anything pops up.


Night 1

PHONE CALL: Hello? Oh, hello? Hey, Jordan, right? Uh, before I say anything, did you know my friend? Travis? Yeah, he sent you calls, right? Did you respond? Heehee, ah, this is awkward. So, uh, I'm your new phone guy! Exciting, right? I also... heavily advise you quit right now, haha. Those animatronics scared the DAYLIGHTS out of me.

So, about Travis... I knew him since kindergarten! He was a pretty good guy, he was funny too. Always wore plaid for some reason... and a bowtie. Stylish, huh?


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