Fight!,is the second episode of the nicktoon,The Patrick Show. The plot is that Mugget challenges Patrick to a fight.


(Shows Rusty Patties)

Cap: GAH! That fat starfish is late!!!! PAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRIIICCCCCCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick: Huh? Is there donuts involved?

Cap: NO!! But'cha better get here now if ya want your life.

Patrick: Not life! I WANT DONUTS!!


(Patrick gets his pants on,and it shows his butt.)

Patrick: DONUTS!!

(Patrick falls down the stairs.)

Patrick: Derp. What should I have for breakfast?

(Patrick eats snail food.)

Patrick: Ugh! That cereal is disgusti...OOH!! Yummy aftertaste.

Cap: Boy!!! 5 seconds left!!

Road Runner: Meep-Meep.

Patrick: That pizza better be free!! It took....12 hours!!!

Road Runner: MEEP!!

Patrick: Oh yeah. 5 seconds.

(Patrick rides the Road Runner to work.)

Cap: If he doesn....

Patrick: I'm here!!

Cap: Oh boy.

Charline: Hello,Mr. Cap and Mr. Patrick. Can I have a salad?

Patrick: Mr. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. She said a bad word!

Cap: What?

Patrick: The S word.

Cap: IT BURNS!!! Okay,but it'll cost you double.

Charline: Okay.

Cap(Whispering): Boy-o,get some lettuce and a bowl. I'll take care of the rest.

Patrick runs to the kitchen,and trips Mugget.

Mugget: GAH! Ya got ketchup all ova me face!!! That' aint part of the wrestlers code. After,"work",I challenge you to a fight. Behind the dumpster.

Patrick: Do I get donuts,fireworks,or pizza?

Mugget: Ya get pain,Tubby!

Patrick: No one calls me Tubby,your on!

Cap: BOY!! GO DO YER WORK!!!!!!!

Charline: Aren't you being a tad harsh,Mr. Cap?

Cap: Lil' Charline,when you grow up,there's one thing important in your life,MONEY!!!

(A musical number starts to play.)

Freddie: HMPH.

Mugget: Oh,god.

Cap: Money,it's my fav-or-ite thing. Money,it makes the world spin! Money,truly the best! MONEY!!! Better then the rest. M-O-N-E-Y!!! Cash,it's truly the best. Moo-lah,too good to be true. MONEY,MONEY,MONEY...MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charline: That was a bit harsh to all of us,Mr. Cap.

Patrick: Uh,Lettuce? I think....oh!! Here's the salad!!!

(Patrick gets a box of raw patties,and throws it in the fryer.)

Patrick: Ranch!!

(Patrick gets a bottle of Coke and spills it on the "salad".)

Patrick: Oh!! Here's the bowl!!

(Patrick gets a blender and blends the food.)


Patrick: Yep.

Charline: Um,Mr. Cap,I don't wanna be picky,but I don't think this is salad.

Cap: YOU IDIOT!! That aint salad. Maybe you should be a cashier.

(Shows a montage of Patrick failing at all jobs.)

Patrick: This is fun!!

Cap: No! You made he bathroom a mess,when it was clean!! Ya gave a paper clip for change....and YOU GAVE SOMEONE SOMETHING FOR FREE!!!!!! Now,it's time for Sign duties. Can ya spin a sign?

Patrick: Sure!!

Kid: Mommy,look at him,spinning that sign.

Mom: Stay in school,Billy,stay in school.

French Narrator: TWELVE HOURS LATER...


Mugget: Not so fast,Tubby!! Remember our fight?

Patrick: Oh,yeah! AND NO ONE CALLS ME TUBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The two wrestle into the dumpster,and are dumped into an arena.)

Fish: And today,Former Bikini Bottom Wrestling Champ weighing in at 300 pounds,MUGGET!!!

Other Fish: On the other corner,village idiot,lover of pizza,weighing in at.....TOO MANY POUNDS,PATRICK!!!!

Mugget: HI-YAH!!

(Mugget uppercuts Patrick.)

Patrick: That tickles!

Mugget: He's hard to crack!

(Mugget dive bombs Patrick.)

Patrick: That tickles!!

Mugget: Sigh. TIME FOR.....THE PAINFUL PUNISHING PERPETUAL PANCAKE SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cap: Say that three times fast.

(Charline is covering her eyes,but peeking.)

Freedie: HMPH HMPH HMPH!!!

Cap: Not bad,Fred.

Stevent: Hello. What have I missed?

Cap: Not much,Steve.


(Mugget does the painful punishing perpetual pancake smash,but he bounces off of Patrick.)

Patrick: Taste armpit,Tubby!

(Patrick opens his armpit,and the BO KO's Mugget.)


(Mugget wakes up in a hospital.)

Nurse: Welcome to Weenie Hut General.

Mugget: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Episode Ends.)

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