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This is a list of fictional locations in Mortal Insanity. They are all parodies of real shops, except K-mart. They are all catagorized by the type of shop.


Name Picture Parody Of

Seen on the Inside

Y is yes N is no

Marbles Pizza
Marbles Pizza
Dominoes Pizza Y
Waitress Hostess Y
Penny's Denny's N
Heartbuck's Starbuck's Y
OutFront Steakhouse Outback Y
Hot dog Prince Burger King N
Burrito Bell Taco Bell Y
The Cheescake Plant The CheeseCake Factory Y
Dump In Dots Dip N Dots N
Pasta Shack Pizza Hut N
Tails Sonic (and Sonic the Hedgehog Y
Crack In the Box Jack In The Box N
Flasher's Hooter's

Y (censored)

McJacksons McDonalds Y

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