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Fiction Foundry is a site dedicated to original content, that is, anything that you yourself create that is not based on or related to any real life media. This can be a story, show, video game, comic, TV channel, etc. However, please note fan-fiction is strictly prohibited unless it is related to Nickelodeon (this is due to our wiki's history). If you'd like to get right to it, you can create a new page and also upload a new picture. If you would like to share your ideas or suggestions with the community, you can create a blog post. Please read our policy before you contribute. Keep in mind that you need to be thirteen or older to have a Wikia account.

If you need any help or have questions, please contact our admins.

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Morningstar and Lord Byzantine, drawn by KM.
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Hey everyone, Notch here, and here's my Fire emoji shameless plug Fire emoji65ddf71e9dd68801df011d04624974db65ddf71e9dd68801df011d04624974db100 emoji kill me Emoji set 42D7046e38e7ab9f07308b641b5f7a4ce0 Oh yeah and read the rules okay.

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The Epic Animals Epic Movie is a feature film based off of the animated television series The Epic Animals. The film centers around The Epic Animals (Catnip, Fred and Cotton) finding a piece of the mythical Gem of Stupidity, which would unleash an ancient evil if it was combined with the other piece of the gem.


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